Scott Hamilton: Why am I having this dream?
Timmy: Because I needed a famous gold medalist and Brian Boitano was busy.

Cupid: What did he say?
Juandissimo: I think he wants a cheetah.
Cupid: ...Oookay? *Poofs up a cheetah that attacks Timmy*

Cupid: Ugh, you want a cheetah too? Fine!

Head Pixie: Remember, fill your gloves up with gold bars and hit below the belt.

Cupid: Hello, bullseye, the doctor will see you now.

Anti-Cosmo / Head Pixie: Ahh! Our corneas!!

Wanda: Timmy, that's crazy!!!!!
Scott Hamilton: I am Comander Cluck-Cluck, Chicken king of this dream!!!!
Timmy: No, that's crazy.

Juandissimo: What? I take beauty naps too.

Cosmo: Jackpot!

Scott Hamilton: Here come the teams!

Timmy: Where are you, Cosmo?! I don't wanna wear evil shorts!

Scott Hamilton: Dude, relax. it's just a dream.

Binky: Yay, I'm winning, I'm winning!
Timmy: Go, Binky! Yeah! I told ya the fairies would win!
Anti-Cosmo: Yay, I'm cheating, I'm cheating!

Anti-Cosmo: Anti-Fairies RULES!
Head Pixie: Wrong again, punk.

George Washington: Must... shoot... BALL!!

Juandissimo: Timmy, I must say two things. One: I am incredible to look at. Two: Cosmo over Jorgen? Are you loco?!
Wanda: Hey! Cosmo's the man I love!...But, Timmy, are you loco?!

Juandissimo: I think he wants a cheetah too.
Cupid: Whatever! [Poofs up a cheetah that attacks Scott Hamilton]

Anti-Cosmo: Don't say a world Timmy Turner! Not until you've tried...
Anti-Wanda: Our Friday The 13th Lovers Pizza!
[Anti-Cosmo shoves a slice into Timmy's mouth]
Anti-Cosmo: It's a pizza that gives you bad luck!

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