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Fairly Odd Parents Wiki contains SPOILERS relating to The Fairly OddParents and its licensed media.
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"Trixie, there's something I always wanted to say to you... [goes under You-Doo spell] I love Tootie! She's smart, she's funny, and she is so much prettier than anyone! Especially that icky yucky Trixie!"
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Titlecard-Kung Timmy
Kung Timmy is the twenty-second episode of Season 3. Francis is beating up Timmy Turner in front of the entire school, when Tootie shows up to defend him. This only humiliates Timmy further when Francis points out that he needs a little girl to fight his battles for him. It only gets worse when neither Tootie nor Timmy's own father can stop Francis, and soon the Turners are bullied out of their car, possessions, and even their home. Timmy's Dad attempts to help him learn Kung-Fu, but the book of Kung-Fu laws states it can only be used for defense, and prevents Timmy from using it to get revenge on Francis, even with the help of his fairy godparents. Only when Francis threatens to beat up Tootie instead does Timmy stand a fighting chance against Francis, by using the laws of Kung-Fu to defend the only person who believed in him, beat up Francis, and earn his family's home back.
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