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A Fairly Odd Summer
The gang heads to Hawaii for vacation, but Timmy ends up putting the whole Fairy World in danger. Now, he must defeat Crocker and Foop in a magical adventure that may change his future forever. The newest "Fairly Odd" movie has just premiered. Click in the title to know more.

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Titlecard-Birthday Wish
"Birthday Wish!" is the fourth episode of Season 5. One day, Timmy Turner, and his pals Chester and A.J. are enjoying themselves at Mike E. Mozerella's, a party restaurant for kids. Chester enjoys the all-you-can-eat pizza; A.J. thinks the crude robots in the place make feel smart; and Timmy loves the ball pit. However, they overhear Tootie is nearby sitting at an empty table, crying because nobody came to her party except for her older sister Vicky, who is scaring off anyone who does decide to show up. Feeling guilty about using Tootie's party invitations to invite his own friends and ditch her party, Timmy decides the best way he can make it up to her is by loaning her his fairy godparents. Cosmo and Wanda are glad to help Tootie at first, but she is so grateful for their magic she wants to reveal them to all of Dimmsdale, and to make matters worse, Mr. Crocker is onto Timmy's plan, and sets out to pry the secret out of Tootie's lips himself.
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"What have I done? Instead of creating nonstop fun time, I've erased time altogether! There's no more dinnertime or lunchtime or breakfast time - not even snack time! Everybody will starve! With no bedtime, nobody will be able to sleep! Without down time, I'll never be able to sit and pointlessly stare at nothing for hours on end! And without TV time, I can't watch America's Funniest Dental Exams - despite the fact that it's educational! Cosmo! Wanda! Hel-l-l-l-lp!'"

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