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  • Before every other episode.
  • When Timmy is receiving his godparents, he looks like himself in the series at one point.
  • Timmy's head was not as "C" shaped as it was in the series it was "I" shaped.
  • It is revealed in "Abra-Catastrophe!" that it was Timmy who hired Vicky to babysit after he believed his parents had left to "parts unknown". However, in that meeting, Timmy is a year or two younger than he is in this episode, and it is said that Vicky was babysitting him for about a year before he received his godparents, but in this episode he receives them on the first day.
  • This episode was featured as a bonus short on the "School's Out!: The Musical" DVD.
  • The intro Cosmo and Wanda give Timmy is repeated when they meet Jimmy Neutron in the "Jimmy Timmy Power Hour".
  • Cosmo and Wanda's entrance is also repeated at the end of "Abra-Catastrophe", when they're re-assigned to Timmy.
  • Their entrance is also repeated in "Presto Change-O" when they return. Also in "Deja Vu," Cosmo and Wanda were about to repeat their entrance at the end before Timmy interrupted them with "Not that far!".
  • It is repeated again in "Birthday Wish" when Cosmo and Wanda are reassigned to Tootie.
  • This is the only episode where Timmy has dark red hair, instead of his usual brown hair.
  • Vicky mentions having a little brother, who she calls on a phone and he is heard screaming on the other line. Since then, Vicky's house and family have been shown a number of times, but the only other members present in her family are her parents and her little sister Tootie. This character is most likely retconned out of continuity.
  • The chocolate snake Vicky is turned into is similar to the snake in the theme song.
  • This is the first episode in the Fairly OddParents series.
  • Timmy's first ever wish is for Vicky's bath water to turn into gelatin.
  • In this episode (and the other Oh Yeah! Cartoons), Cosmo has a deep voice, which sounds almost exactly like Mr. Turner's voice, instead of his normal high one. It doesn't start changing till Season 1.
  • Vicky claimed that she has a little brother in this episode. She should have probably meant her little sister.
  • "Titanic: Director's Cut" is a spoof of the 1997 film, "Titanic", which appeared in theaters a year before this short aired.
  • The infamous "I am your father" quote was said again in multiple episodes in this series.
  • Vicky speaks in a little more lower voice than she does in the other cartoons such as "The Fairy Flu."
  • When aired as part of episode compilations during Season 1 (featuring the Crimson Chin web comic interstitials), all of Timmy's dialogue was redubbed by Tara Strong (this goes for all the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts that aired as compilations during the first season except for Where's the Wand?).
  • The background music played at the beginning and end of this episode was also played in the ChalkZone episode, "Future Zone" while Snap and Penny are trapped in the "kitchen of the future". This is one of the few times a background music cue from another Nickelodeon show was played in a different show (not including royalty-free cues from Associated Production Music, which provides background music for various Nickelodeon television shows). Like The Fairly OddParents, ChalkZone also started on Oh Yeah! Cartoons, shares many of the same production staff, and had it's music composed by Guy Moon.
  • Timmy's parents faces aren't seen until Season 1.

Running Gags

  • Vicky bullying Timmy around.
  • Vicky saying that one of her favorite things is Timmy's.
  • Timmy getting revenge with Cosmo and Wanda's help.


  • FOP-Pilot094
    In the scene where Vicky sees Timmy's fish, Timmy is missing his trademark buck tooth, this goof can only be noticed in frame-by-frame viewings the picture could be seen here.
  • Vicky's name is spelled "Vicki" in the episode's closing credits. (another thing that returns in "Presto Change-O", where when Crocker (in Timmy's body says "Vicky? Who's Vicky?" the captions spell Vicky's name wrong, which now says "Vicky? Who's Vicki?").

Vicky is missing the pink makeup on her lips.

  • It probably should be pointed because the Oh Yeah cartoons were repackaged as a "three shorts" episode for the first 2-3 years, things such as Vicky's first meeting with Timmy, and Vicky's little brother caused the confusion about the canoncity of such things.
  • When the cherry falls right on Vicky, for a split second you can see Vicky doesn't have her pink lips.

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