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[First lines of the series]
Mr. Turner: Thanks for babysitting tonight, Vicky. Timmy just loves making new friends, don't you Timmy?
Vicky: No problem, Mr. Turner! I just love Timmy. We're gonna be best pals! [grabs Timmy]  Right, Timmy?
Timmy: Oxygen... darkness!

Vicky: All right, squirt, three things: 1) Stay out of my way. 2) Go to bed early. 3) Do the dishes.
Timmy: Mom told you to do 'em!
Vicky: Oh yeah... well, you wouldn't want her to find this magazine, would you? [holds up a magazine titled "Chix"]
Timmy: That's not mine! Mom will never believe you!
Vicky: (chuckles) Oh, I wouldn't say that; it works great at my house! Just ask my little brother (dials on the phone)
Vicky's little brother: AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Timmy: Okay, okay! I'll do it!

Timmy: Hey, you ate all the pizza!
Vicky: Relax, runt, I saved you a piece (shows anchovies on the pizza)

Vicky: Oh, so it is (The World of Lipglose, Vicky's favorite TV Show)! (laughs evilly, walks away)
Timmy: VERY FUNNY!!! (slams door shut, picks up Magic 9-Ball)
Timmy: Oh Magic 9-Ball, when will my parents get back from the movies? [reading answer] Titanic: Director's Cut?! They'll be there all night! Man, that's dumb!
(throws the Magic 9-Ball at the wall, causing it to break open. A magic aura forms from the ball, then swirls into thin air, bringing forth the entrance of Cosmo and Wanda)
Cosmo and Wanda: HEY, TIMMY!
Cosmo: I'm Cosmo
Wanda: I'm Wanda
Cosmo and Wanda: And we're... YOUR FAIRY GODPARENTS!
Wanda: What do you think, Timmy?
Timmy: I think I'm calling the cops.

Timmy: Why are you here?
Cosmo: We wanna help you! We're magic, (throws fairy dust) ohh, magic, (throws fairy dust) ohh!
Wanda: We grant wishes (giggles)!
Vicky: What's going on in here...
Timmy: Nothing.
Vicky: What's with the fish...?
Timmy: Uh, those are my godfish-- goldfish!
Vicky: Fish are riddled with germs. I wouldn't want you getting sick. Maybe I should flush 'em!
Timmy: No!
Cosmo: Should we do something?
Wanda: Well, he's got to wish for it first!
Cosmo: Ooh, I hate that rule.
Wanda: I'm calling a union meeting.
Vicky: I want those disgusting creatures out of here or it's toilet time for the two of them!
Wanda: [sarcastically] Sweet girl.
Cosmo: I love her fangs.

Timmy: Can you make her into a giant chocolate shake?
Cosmo: Oooh, may I, Pookie?
Wanda: Of course, Stallion.
(Cosmo turns Vicky into a giant snake)
Timmy: Aaaaahhhhh!
Wanda: He said "chocolate SHAKE," not "chocolate SNAKE!"
Cosmo: [Looking at his wand] I gotta get this thing fixed!

Vicky: You can't do this to me! I'm the babysitter!
Wanda: [sits on Vicky, as a giant baby] Goo goo!
Cosmo: [as Groucho Marx] That's the first time the baby ever sat on the sitter!
Vicky: Help!
Cosmo: Sorry! The secret word was pie! [throws a pie in Vicky's face]
(Vicky screams, gets out of Cosmo, who is a whale)
Cosmo: Sorry, is it my breath?

Cosmo: [as a train] WOO WOO BABY, WOO WOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Timmy: Hey mom, Vicky's the best friend ever! Can she babysit all the time?
Mrs. Turner: Of course, dear.
Cosmo: Looks like we'll be here a while!
Wanda: Well, at least we'll be clean (both laugh, waddle into their castle, leaving behind the heart)

Cosmo: I am your father! (breaks the 4th wall by looking at the viewers) I always wanted to say that.

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