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Wanda: Timmy, you can't destroy the Earth! Think about all the people.
Cosmo: Yeah. Think about your parents who spent your college money on fat hogs, and don't get concerned when Vicky shows up with chainsaws.
Wanda: (has him hitting himself with a frying pan.)

Mr. Crocker: Gah! I'm naked!

Tad: Nice toilet paper experiment, Turner!
Chad: There's no way you'll ever beat us in our really expensive experiments that our dads had real scientists make for us!

Timmy: [uses his dark powers to control Vicky] "I'm going to hit myself with this frying pan now."
Vicky: I'm going to hit myself with this frying pan now. [beats her face in with the kitchenware]
Wanda: Okay, it's been twenty-four hours. Time to take off the dark suit, give it back, and say goodbye to Dark Laser.
Timmy: But Timmy likes dark powers. Dark powers are coool. [sadistically watches and enjoys Vicky violently beating herself up with the frying pan]

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