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Mrs. Turner: [to Timmy] If your room is not spotless by 9:00 tonight, you're grounded!

Nega Chin: (as he is being sucked back into the comic book along with his villain buddies) We'll meet again, Crimson Chins! I swear it!
Crimson Chin: You can't swear, only the super-edgy 1985 Crimson Chin can swear it.
1980's Chin: Yeah, and I got cancelled for it!

Timmy: What did he wish for?
Cosmo: One: all of his super-villain buddies out of the book.
Wanda: Two: immunity from being wished back to into the book.
Cosmo: Three: that our magic couldn't touch him or his pals. And four--hey, I counted to four!
Wanda: His fourth wish was that you couldn't wish your room clean!

Timmy: Why can I just wish for one Crimson Chin when I can wish for ALL of them! The 1930's Pulp Fiction Chin, the '40's WWII Sergeant Chin!, the '50's Square-Jawed Commie Buster Chin, the 60's Pyschedelic Chin, the 70's Disco Chin, the 80's Overly Muscular Weapons-Toting Chin (Which got cancelled for swearing), the 90's Grunge Chin, and the New Millennium Crimson Chin!

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