Trixie and Veronica: Blah, blah, shopping! Blah, blah, clothes! Blah, blah, hair! Blah, blah, boy band! Blah, blah, we'll never notice you!
A.J.: Nope! I don't speak girl!

Timmy/Timantha: [high pitched scream] What did you do? ! I didn't wish for this! [strikes a modeling pose and a wolf whistle is then heard, Timmy hears this and puts his hands behind his back]
Wanda: [while filing her nails with her wand] Well you said "I wish" and "girl".
Timmy/Timantha: Oh yeah! Well...well you know what I think!
Cosmo: Who cares what you think! You're a girl now! [Cosmo laughs while Wanda is shown smiling almost devilishly]

Timantha: Hey! I think like a girl now! I can totally use my girl brain and figure out what to get Trixie for her birthday!
Cosmo: Oh, that's a great idea, little girly girly! [he spins around]
Wanda: Can I get the door for you, ma'am?
[Cosmo and Wanda start laughing. Cosmo says ma'am between laughs]

Timantha: I wish you [points at Cosmo] were a woman and you [points at Wanda] were a man!
Cosmo and Wanda: What?
Timantha: You're my godparents. No choice.
[Cosmo and Wanda close their eyes and grant the wish. They are then show with their genders swapped with a duck quack being briefly heard in the background]
Timantha: Congratulations! You are now Cosma and Wando!
Cosma: (gasps) What's happening? How come I suddenly know which boy bands rock out loud?
Wando: I don't know! Why am I tempted to scratch myself and not care who sees?
Timantha: See ya! [closes the door]

Timantha: Do I still like comic books? [thinks] Muscular guys in spandex fighting crime? Cool!

[After Timantha encounters Trixie in a comic book store]
Timantha: Trixie Tang?
Trixie Tang: No! I'm in here by accident, understand? Accident! If word gets out I like boy's stuff all, my friends will think I'm weird. Please, please keep it our secret! Girl to girl?
Timantha: Well... okay.
Trixie Tang: Deal! You're my new best friend! [pulls out a picture of Veronica and tears it in half]
[Elsewhere in the mall, Veronica instantly keels over in pain]

[Timantha encounters Chester and A.J.]
Timantha: Uhh... hi?
A.J.: Dead frog?
Chester: Don't do it! IT'S A TRAP!! [he tackles A.J. which throws the dead frog at Timantha's face]
Timantha: Ugh! Boy or girl that's still gross!

Chester: [hammering boards over the bathroom door] I don't know what's up with those girls, but we'll be safe here.
A.J.: Don't you think you're overreacting?
Chester: Dude, boys like comic books; girls like dolls. Boys like video games; girls like makeup. We're different! That's why we have different bathrooms!
Veronica: [comes out of stall] Um, am I in the wrong room?
Chester: [screams and then starts tearing away at the boards on the door] Nothing makes sense anymore!!
A.J.: [to Veronica] Frog?

Trixie: You know, all week, people have been asking me what I wanted for my birthday, and you've given it to me.
Timantha: I have?
Trixie: You've given me a friend who likes me for whom I am.
Timantha: That's all you wanted for your birthday? A friend?
Trixie: Yep! Someone who isn't afraid to say "Hey, I like Kissy Kissy Goo Goo and Skull Squisher!" If you were a boy, I'd totally date you.

Timmy: Trixie! *Ahem* [inter-spliced with "blah-blahs"] You know, I like you for who you are... [Trixie gets out a translator] ...not for what everyone expects you to be; a friend to you, someone who isn't afraid to say, 'Hey, I like Kissy Kissy Goo Goo and Skull Squisher too!'
Trixie: Oh my gosh! That is so sweet... but, uhh, that's what I have girlfriends for. SECURITY!

Cosma\Cosmo: What do think? This? Or this? Which goes better with my eyes?
Wando\Wanda: Just pick something!
Cosma\Cosmo: Oh, I give up! [flies into bathroom] [SPlASH] Would it kill you to leave the lid down?
Wando\Wanda: Would it kill you to look before you sit? [belches]

Timmy: I wish you were back to the way you were born! [Cosmo and Wanda grant the wish and return to how they were born]
Cosmo: [appears with a big nose] What? This was the nose I was born with! Can't a guy do something to make himself look pretty?

Elmer: Timmy sir, are you watching one of those dumb girly soap operas?

A.J.: Dead frog?
Timantha\Timmy: Yuck!
Trixie: Cool!

Timantha\Timmy: Congratulations. You are now Cosma and Wando.

Timmy: Roderick! No!
Timantha/Timmy: Boy or girl, that's still gross!
Girls: Roderick No!

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