• When Cosmo was a woman, his name was Cosma therefore, for a short period of time, his name was Cosma Cosma.
  • Trixie is secretly revealed to be a tomboy who likes boys' comics and video games. However, this character trait is never elaborated beyond this episode, although it's possible that this side of her personality is hinted in "The Big Superhero Wish!" and "Wishology." In both specials, she enjoys being in action scenes.
  • The title card features items girls would want (such as a pearl necklace and a diamond ring), though Timantha used or liked none of these.
  • This episode was ranked #33 in the 100 Greatest Nicktoon Episodes countdown.
  • Timmy and his friends have failed to get into birthday parties that Trixie had in the past (as hinted by Chester).
  • At the end of the episode, Cosmo's birth nose made him look like his brother Schnozmo.
  • Timmy is revealed to not like dead frogs regardless of what gender he is, while Trixie does.
  • This episode's moral was that it's okay for girls to like boy things and vice versa.
  • Trixie in her tomboyish side will be briefly seen again in Season 9's "Finding Emo" but, somehow with different colored clothes and hair.


Running Gags

  1. Characters randomly saying "Blah, blah, blah".
  2. Characters saying "Roderick, no!"
  3. Whenever he sees a girl, A.J. offers a dead frog as a present.
  4. People not understanding the opposite gender.
  5. People using a girl/geek translator to translate somebody.
  6. Chester slowly becoming insane when things start to fall apart or when nothing makes any sense to him.
  7. Sexism from the male characters towards female characters.



Veronica with pig tails

  • At the beginning of the episode, A.J., Chester, and Elmer are eating sandwiches that are placed on the bench, but in a later shot they're on plates.
  • When Trixie and Veronica are deciding whether or not to give Timmy passes to Trixie's party and Veronica turns her head, she is momentarily seen with pig tails.
  • When Cosmo and Wanda switch genders, their crowns strangely disappear. They reappear when Cosmo and Wanda are reverted to normal.

Timmy without feet.

  • When Timmy wishes he were a boy again, his briefly feet disappear.
  • Why did Trixie give Timmy 3 invites? She revealed at the end of the episode that she didn't know A.J. and Chester were coming.
  • Although Timmy gave 2 of his invites away to Chester and AJ, he is seen holding all 3 again when he walks away.

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