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The Big Surprise is the first Fairly OddParents comic story printed by Nickelodeon Magazine. It was first printed in the special Nickelodeon Magazine presents Maximum Rocket Power and later reprinted in Nickelodeon Magazine presents Best of Nicktoons.


Timmy is curious as to what the "Big Surprise" his parents are planning is.



  • Print debuts of Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Dad, Mom, Mark Chang, Vicky, and Tootie.
  • Tootie looks like a cross between her original appearance and Season 2 appearance.
  • In the last panel where Cosmo and Wanda appear in their normal forms, Wanda's pupils are missing.
  • Mrs. Turner works in a flower shop here instead of a real estate office.
  • unlike Engine Blocked, Mr. Turner was a different reaction to his car taking.

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