(Big laser points at Chester)
Chester: A.J.! IT'S ME, CHESTER!
Computer: Identity confirmed, Chester. (Big laser retracts back into the house)
Chester: Phew...
(even bigger laser points then appears at Chester)
Computer: Chester, Prepared to be vaporize in 3, 2...
(A.J. pushes Chester out of the way)
A.J.: Sorry, uh, My parents set that.
Chester: But your parents love me...

Elmer: They gave me a quarter. Am I in trouble?
Principal Waxelplax: Is it tuna?
Elmer: Yes.
Waxelplax: Then you're fine!

Principal Waxelplax: NO TALKING!!
Chester: I will not be silenced!!

A.J.: [looking at Timmy's permanent record] Look at all the cheese he ate in fourth grade!

A.J.: Timmy, where'd you get those clothes, huh?
Timmy Turner: Internet? Inheritence? I inherited the Internet!
Chester: Inherited the Internet? Is that even possible?
A.J.: No, it isn't! No one man can own the Internet! I'd know, I've tried!

Chester: Viola! Paper plates washed! (paper plate warps and becomes crinkled up)

A.J.:(finds a photo of Timmy and his godparents disguised as Timmy's parents backstage with Siegfried and Roy) ...and here he is backstage with Siegfried and Roy!
Chester: No way! Those tickets are impossible to get! I know, I've tried.

Principal Waxelplax: This is an outrage. This is (a cookie suddenly appears on a fishing rod)... YAY, COOKIE! (Waxelplax grabs ahold of the cookie and the line on the cookie then reels her up)

Bouncer: (about Chester's quote of Timmy getting rid of Chester and A.J.) Actually that would be my job. (Chester and A.J. smile nervously. It then shows Chester and A.J. being thrown into two trashcans)
Chester: (raises arm out of trashcan) WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

Veronica: I still can't see but I think these guys sound really unpopular.

Chester: Chester McBadbat, ace photographer, is not part flying squirrel!

Elmer: Hi, I'm Elmer! And this is my boil, Bob!

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