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  • This is the first episode in Season 1, and is considered the first episode of the main series.
  • The other kid actually goes to the same school as Timmy goes, although he is only seen in background shots.
  • When Timmy said it was 6:04 Vicky said it was 9:04 on the east coast which is 3 hours apart, that gives the viewers a hint they live in California (which was revealed in Christmas Every Day and Fairy Idol).
  • This is the first time Timmy sees his Mom and Dad kiss.
  • Although this is the first appearance of Chester and A.J., their names are not revealed until the accompanying episode "Power Mad".
  • Timmy will later act like a child in his adulthood to keep his fairy godparents in ‘‘A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!, possibly referring to this episode.
  • The scene when Vicky introduces herself to Mr. and Mrs. Turner is similar to the flashbacks Cosmo and Wanda showed to Timmy why he got them as fairy godparents in the movie Abra-Catastrophe.
  • Also after Mr. and Mrs. Turner leaves, Vicky says "Have fun at the movies! Bye!". She also said the same line in the pilot episode after Mr. and Mrs. Turner left the house to watch the movies.
  • The First Reassigning Fairy also appeared in the game boy platform of Breakin' Da Rules.
  • A mysterious parrot was in a scene, but it may have been killed after Vicky said her name.
  • A lot of people confused this episode as the last Oh Yeah! Cartoons episode. Super Humor is the last episode of Oh Yeah! Cartoons.
  • Timmy's adult version's voice is identical to the one in Channel Chasers where he turns 18. (You can notice this in the part in the jail cell when he is crying about not growing up)
  • The moral of the episode is to not be in such a hurry to grow up.


  • The Simpsons - The adult Timmy Turner of this episode somewhat resembles Homer Simpson.
  • Toy Story - The kid that the fairy messenger showed to Cosmo and Wanda is similar to Sid, due to his appearance and his toy abusing personality.

Running Gags

  • Something breaking or dying whenever someone says Vicky's name.
  • The word creep or creepy being said after Timmy wishes to be an adult.
  • Characters having a shaving problem, resulting in them injuring themselves.
  • When Vicky sees Timmy as an adult, she becomes shocked, blows a whistle and uses karate moves on Timmy.


  • It is unknown how the mean kid knew about fairy godparents.
  • After Timmy is transformed into an adult, Cosmo and Wanda's reaction was "ewwww", but if you watch their mouths carefully, they are out of sync with the words and they seem to be saying something else.
  • It is unknown how did Timmy get a car. It is impossible because Mr. and Mrs. Turner took their car to the movies.
  • After Timmy heard Francis bullying Chester, he said "This looks like a job for..." then Cosmo and Wanda continued Timmy's phrase "...older Timmy", but if one looks closely at the movement of Wanda's mouth, there is no teeth shown. But in later episodes, Wanda's teeth always appear when she talks.
  • It is unknown why Timmy did not forgot that he even had fairies because according to Channel Chasers, when Timmy was 18, he did not realize who Cosmo and Wanda were.
    • It could be possible that this does not apply here since Timmy did not age himself with an actual aging device (The magic televion remotes aged people if they pressed the fast forward button on the remotes).
  • The adult Timmy from Channel Chasers looks different from the adult Timmy in this episode.
    • It might be because this Timmy was older than the one from Channel Chasers.
    • It could be due to the fact he aged himself by wishing and not via aging devices.
  • At school during the brief football game, Timmy is wearing a heavily-padded football uniform and a helmet with a small portion of his hair can be seen sticking out. However, after being assigned the position of being the ball, the scene cuts to one of the football players picking up Timmy, and the hair sticking out is gone. However, after the football player tosses Timmy, his hair can be seen sticking out again.
  • This episode suggests that Fairy Conventions are a place where the fairies meet and discuss things. However, in Cosmo Con, it is show to be more like a Comic Con.
  • It is unknown why Cosmo and Wanda did not go away because the other prisoners saw them.
    • It is possible that the fairies are safe because the prisoners would most likely not be believed.

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