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  • Vicky: All right, twerp! Time for bed.
  • Timmy: But it's only 6:04.
  • Vicky: Well, it's 9:04 on the east coast. BED!!!!!!!
  • Cosmo: (after seeing Timmy's clock change from 6:04 to 6:05) Now it's 9:05 on the east coast!
  • Wanda: Cheer up, Timmy. You're only going to be little for a little while!
  • Timmy: Well, being little stinks. I'd bet it would great to be an adult. When I'm big, I'm going to do what I want when I want, like helping little old ladies cross the street. I'm not going to take any crud from bullies, and I won't need a babysitter!

  • Timmy: Well, how do I look?
  • Both: (awkward tone) Eeeeeeeewww...
  • Timmy: 'Ew' is right! I don't have any hair!
  • Wanda: Sure you do! It's here on your back! (lifts his shirt to show his back is covered in hair)
  • Timmy: That's just creepy

  • Wanda: You know Timmy, When a kid helps an old lady cross the street, it's kinda cute
  • Cosmo: But when an adult does it, it's just plain creepy!

  • (Timmy, having wished himself to be older, sees his Mom and Dad kissing)
  • Timmy: (covers his eyes) Arrrgh! It burns!

  • Wanda: You mean we're being reassigned?
  • Fairy-Gram: Ha ha ha! I mean, yes, and we're all very sorry.
  • Cosmo: Can we have a couple of hours to say good-bye to Timmy?
  • The First Reassigning Fairy: Can I have five dollars? Two hours.

  • Cosmo: Miniature golf is a great kids' game!
  • (Cosmo and Wanda are turned into a tee and ball)
  • Timmy: Ow! My back!
  • Wanda: Let me try the Age-O-Meter., no! You've become even more of an adult!
  • Cosmo: We've got to resort to the heavy artillery!
  • (cuts to Timmy riding a kiddie ride outside a store)

  • Mrs. Turner: Why soon you won't even need a babysitter.
  • Timmy: Really?
  • Mr. Turner: Yep, but tonight you do. Hey, pronouns again. (when Vicky rang the doorbell, the candle went out, and a wolf howled just like in scary movies)
  • Cosmo: Oh, no. the baby-sitter. (lightning flashes in the background)

  • Vicky: Hello Mr. and Mrs. Turner. It's me Vicky (flowers scream and wilt).
  • Wanda: You can't spell Vicky without icky.
  • Mr. Turner: We'll be back really late, so tuck Timmy in, okay?
  • Vicky: I'll take care of the little darling like he was my own cash and blood. (Mom and Dad drive away) Have fun at the movies! Bye!

  • Timmy: Can we hurry this along? I am running out of fives!

  • Timmy: (handing Francis a razor and shaving cream) Here!
  • Francis: Hey! Shaving would be fun!
  • (Francis walks away with the shaving cream and razor to try to shave his back, only to cut himself as he screams in pain. Timmy and his godparents laugh at Francis' misfortune)

  • Timmy: I'm puny again, woohoo!
  • Cosmo and Wanda: And we get to stay with Timmy.
  • Wanda: In your face!
  • The First Reassigning Fairy: Well somebody gets assigned to that mean little...Da...Darn it. (The first reassigning fairy poofs away to become the fairy godparent of the mean kid)
  • Mean Kid: Finally. Did your head pop off?
  • The First Reassigning Fairy: It's not supposed to.

  • Vicky: I'M SAFE, I mean... you're safe, which means I'M SAFE!!!!

  • Policemen: You are one creepy adult. We've got a place for people like you.
  • Timmy: Home?
  • (Timmy is seen behind bars)

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