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The Baby
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 3 months
Personal Information
  Crimson Chin comic books
  Comic Book
Beverly Boulevard (aunt)
Crimson Chin (babysitter)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Crime Wave
Latest Appearance:
  Crime Wave

The Baby is a little infant girl from Chincinnati. In Crime Wave, her aunt Beverly Boulevard leaves her in the care of the Crimson Chin. Later she was kidnapped by H2Olga who wanted to raise her as an evil minion. During the climax of the episode, the Crimson Chin uses her diaper to absorb all the water that was flooding Chincinnati and then H2Olga herself. She temporarily defeated H2Olga when she poops in her diaper with the super villainess still trapped inside the diaper. H2Olga screams after the baby poops. The Chin then notes to H2Olga that if she lives a life of crime she will always be number two. The Chin and The Baby laugh together at this before the screen changes to reality.

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