• "Fairies? They've got wands and wings! What's up with that?"

  • "And that Jorgen Von Strangle! Have you seen that guy's forehead? They should call it a five head!"

  • The April Fool: "It's time for the A-material! Knock knock?"
Jorgen Von Strangle: Who is there?
(The April Fool is poofed away by Timmy Turner's wish)
Jorgen Von Strangle: I fear we will never know who is knocking. [grabs wand] But I will make it my mission in life to find out!

  • "I got a day named after me? I don't remember signing anything! Where's my cut of the dough?"

  • The April Fool: I dunno, Kid. It's April Fool's Day. It should be all about me! Why, given all the comedic power at my disposal, should I help you?
Timmy Turner: I have gum.
The April Fool: Is it spearmint?
Timmy Turner: Yep.
The April Fool: I'm in!

  • The April Fool: Thank you! [honks horn]
April Fool's Bus: I'll be here all day! I'll be here all day!
The April Fool: What's up with that??

  • "Thank you! You've been great!!!"

  • Timmy Turner: Hah! Did you see the look on A.J.'s face? It was classic!
The April Fool: Yeah! He was more broken than a leg in a cast!
(Crickets chirp, a coyote is seen howling)
The April Fool: They can't all be gems.
Wanda: One would be nice.

  • Timmy Turner: Mr. Fool? I don't want my Mom and Dad hurt... just pranked!
The April Fool: Hey!! Restraint and compassion was not part of our deal!
Timmy Turner: Well the deal's off!
The April Fool: I practically GIVE you my comedic talent and you're giving me the hook? NOBODY CANCELS THE FOOL!
Timmy Turner: Dude, you're not being funny, you're being harsh!
The April Fool: Don't you tell me what's funny! I am the APRIL FOOL! I'll show you funny! I'll show this whole world what funny is!
Timmy Turner: I have a funny feeling about this.

  • Timmy Turner: What are you doing!?
The April Fool: Proving you wrong! I'm gonna close my set with a little juggling, and bounce the moon into an orbit between the sun and the Earth and cause a new ice age! THAT'S WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!

  • The April Fool: Time to moon the...
(Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda laugh. The Fool starts to swell up from Magic Back-up.)
The April Fool: ..Hey Lemme get the punch line out!! ..The Earth! Stop it! I'm not done!
Timmy Turner: (laughing) Keep laughing! No matter how lame the joke is!
The April Fool: I can't get out my funny! Can't... fix... comedy duds...
(The April Fool swells into a giant balloon, and Timmy uses the April Fool's punch line rocket to launch him away)
The April Fool: Thank you, goodnight!

(The April Fool reappears in Uncle Knuckle's Chuckle Buster)
The April Fool: Darn it! They got rid of me! But I'll be back! They can't stop... the funny!
(Jorgen Von Strangle grabs the April Fool)
Jorgen Von Strangle: Now tell me who was knock knock knocking? [threatens The April Fool with his wand]
The April Fool: Can't breathe! What's up with that? [Jorgen hits The April Fool with his drum set]

The April Fool

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