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Seen at the beginning of each episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the theme song is about Jimmy's daily life as a genius and hero. It was written by Brian Causey and performed on the soundtrack to the movie by Bowling For Soup. The song was featured in the crossover special, the Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour.


3, 2, 1


Gotta Blast!


From Here To The Stars...

With my Candy Bars...

Rides A Kid With A Knack For Invention,

With A Superpowered Mind...

A Mechanical Canine.


Bark! Bark!


He Rescues The Day From Sure Destruction

This Is The Theme Song... For Jimmy Neutron!


  • In the Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour, Timmy Turner battles Jimmy Neutron over which of their themes should be used.
  • The credits of that special are run over a medley of the two themes.
  • The song can be heard during the montage of Jimmy combining the science fair projects in the first crossover special.

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