• What caused bad luck in this episode:
  1. Walking under ladders
  2. Stepping on cracks
  3. Black cat crossing your path
  4. Tipping over salt shakers
  5. Breaking mirrors
  • This is the first appearance of the Anti-Fairies.
  • Even though this episode took place on Friday the 13th, it aired on Friday the 26th.
  • When all the Anti-Fairies made it down to Earth, they caused misfortune to all people. But Timmy's parents were not affected by their magic because they were wearing good luck charms at the time.
    • Before that, they were victims of bad luck.
  • Apparently the Anti-Fairies had waited for a long time for a godchild dumb enough to wish them all out of Anti-Fairy World since they remain imprisoned until any Friday the 13th, the day when they sneak out of Fairy World to do some bad luck to people.
  • It is revealed on the 7-7-07 marathon that the President is played by Butch Hartman.


  • The title is a reference to the song, "That Old Black Magic", by Glenn Miller.
  • Penn & Teller - The light pole on the corner where Timmy appear have two signs that says "Penn" and "Teller" making a reference to the famous magicians duo.

Running Gags

  • A running gag in this episode is that bad luck happens when Timmy accidentally does something that causes bad luck.
  • Mr. Turner lifting both his feet up only to fall down.



Anti-Cosmo's buck teeth

  • The Anti-Fairies can only be seen with some special Anti-Fairy goggles in this episode, but in later episodes they can be seen without it. Although in The Gland Plan the anti-flight battle suits or the prison itself may have had something to prevent them from being invisible and from When Nerds Collide onward, Jorgen made sure through Da Rules that they will remain visible if they try to wreck any havoc on Fairy World or Earth.
  • When the Anti-Fairies are going back to Fairy World at the end, Anti-Cosmo has redneck teeth like Anti-Wanda.
  • When Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda were back at Fairy World, Anti-Wanda's feet when she was eating were barefoot. But when Jorgen came back to his guard duty shift, Anti-Wanda's feet were in-pants like her Fairy counterpart.
  • When Timmy tricks the Anti-Fairies into going back through the door to Fairy World, Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda can be seen flying into the portal multiple times.
  • Anti-Cosmo doesn't have fangs in this episode, but he does have them in later episodes.
  • After Wanda says "It's not bad yet" when the camera shot is wide, Cosmo and Wanda look like Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda.
  • When Anti-Wanda says that Timmy tricked Anti-Fairies back to Fairy World, Anti-Cosmo's wand was gold.

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