[At Escalator Land, Timmy and his parents are riding an escalator]
Timmy: When do we get to the ride?
Mr. Turner: This IS the ride! Whee!!
Timmy Turner: Next time, we go camping!

Mr. Turner: Hello? Mr. Turner? It's me, Mr. Turner!

Mr. Turner: Curse you my own two feet! [grabs feet] STOP HURTING MY WIFE! [falls]

Mr. Turner: Gadzooks! I'm not leaving until every crack in this park is filled! [grabs trowel, plaster, notices a plumber with loose pants nearby and is about to fill in the "crack" when the man runs away] COME BACK!

Timmy: We're in the Fairy World! Where are the Anti-Fairies?
Cosmo: Over there!
(Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda are standing at the entrance to Anti-Fairy World)
Wanda: Jorgen's guarding the door!
Jorgen: Of course I am! And if these Anti-Fairies want to get to Earth, they'll have to go through ME!
Timmy: They already HAVE gotten through.
Jorgen: Not my shift.

Anti-Cosmo: [speaks like a British gentleman] I'm the Anti-Fairy Cosmo. I'm not an idiot in any manner whatsoever.
Anti-Wanda: [speaks with stereotypical "redneck" drawl] And I'm the Anti-Wanda. I'm incredibly stupid and eats with my feets. [picks up sandwich with her feet and takes a bite out of it]
Anti-Cosmo: You see, we've been trapped behind that blasted barrier for centuries. But we knew some on some Friday the 13th, some child would be stupid enough to make his fairies bring him here and wish all of us free. You're our hero. Our BIG STUPID hero!
Anti-Fairy reporter: What a scoop! [takes a photograph of Anti-Cosmo posing with Timmy]
Timmy: Oh man, this is really bad, isn't it?
Cosmo: I'll say. That Anti-Cosmo made me feel like an idiot. [picks up sandwich with his feet and takes a bite out of it]

Wanda: Jorgen, you have to get them back!
Jorgen: And I will! I will use every erg of my awesome fairy powers to- [steam whistle blows] -shifts over. Your problem. [poofs up a golf bag and walks away while whistling]

Timmy: If I don't make it out of this. Tell my dad... [Cosmo and Wanda nod] ...he's weird.

General: Mr. President, you almost caused a nuclear war! What are you going to do next?
Mr. President: I'm going to Escalator Land!

Anti-Wanda: Tarnation! That buck toothed punk tricked us back into Fairy World.
Anti-Cosmo: Don't worry, we'll get back. Who's going to stop us? [a whistle then blows Jorgen Von Strangle appears back on his shift]
Jorgen: So many anti-bones. So little time. [sounds of Jorgen beating up the Anti-Fairies are heard]

Chet Ubetcha: Bad luck.
Black Cat: (walks by and a plantpot falls on Chet's head)
Chet Ubetcha: Amuck!

Timmy: But Adrena Land is only for kids 10 or over! And I'm finally 10... or over!

Timmy: C'mon, that's just an old superstition.
Wanda: Watch it Timmy, on Friday the 13th the Anti-Fairies escape and cause havoc.
Cosmo: Yeah, they're like regular fairies only anti, and Friday the 13th is their Christmas

Timmy: Hey! Stop hurting my mom and ruining my day... and hurting my mom!

Mr. Turner: Turner 1, this is Turner 2. Where are you Turner 2?! Why won't I answer?!

General: Whatever you do, Mr. President, don't touch that red button next to the salt!
The President: [Tips the salt shaker and presses the button] You mean this one?

Jorgen: So many Anti-Bones, SO LITTLE TIME!!!

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