Timmy: Oh man, this is the greatest pizza I ever had in my whole life.
Wanda: Hey, how about throwing that our way, sport?
Cosmo: Yeah, I'm hungry. (Cosmo and Wand turn into goldfish skeletons)
Timmy: Uhhh, (swallows the pizza piece he was eating) but this is the last really huge most circular piece.

Mom: [repeated phrase] Everything I touch dies!

Judge: And an addition to the ribbon, the first prize includes this rare, priceless Jupiter tulip (the judge hands Mom the tulip which dies instantly on contact)
Mom: Everything I touch dies! (sobs and Dad, Mr. Dinkleberg, and the judges stepped away from her a little).
Dad: Oh Dinkleberg! Aren't you going to give my wife a congratulatory handshake?

Timmy: I've gonna stop going to summer camp. (echoes)

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