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Tammy Turner
Tammy Turner
Timmy's future daughter, holding Timmy's old Johnny Hunt lunchbox he used as a time capsule.
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 10
Hair color:       Pickled Been
Eye color:       Regal Blue
Personal Information
  Turner family
  The Vickybot
Fairy Godparents:
Cosmo (future godfather)
Wanda (future godmother)
Timmy Turner (father)
Tootie (possible mother)
Trixie (possible mother)
Mr. Turner (paternal grandfather)
Mrs. Turner (paternal grandmother)
Vicky and Tootie's Dad (possible maternal grandfather)
Nicky (possible maternal grandmother)
Pappy (great grandfather)
Grandma Turner (great grandmother)
Grandpa Vlad (great grandfather)
Grandma Gladys (great grandmother)
Grandma Vicky (possible great grandmother)
Ebeneezer Turner (great great great great grandfather)
Tommy Turner (brother)
Vicky the Babysitter (possible aunt)
Vic (possible great uncle)
Gertrude (great-great aunt)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Channel Chasers
Latest Appearance:
  Channel Chasers
Voiced by:
Tara Strong

Tammy Turner is the future daughter of Timmy who was seen at the end of the special Channel Chasers. Tammy lives with her brother Tommy in the Turner's house in Dimmsdale.


Tammy is a little girl who was introduced at the very end of the movie Channel Chasers, in a scene in Timmy's future. She is Timmy Turner's daughter, and sister of Tommy.


Tammy is notable more so in her appearance, which draws features from both of Timmy's love interests in the show, Tootie and Trixie. Her glasses are the same unique style that Tootie's are, and her hair style and hair band resembles Trixie's. Her style of clothing is also similar to Tootie, with a pink color scheme. Her nose is rounded and the front her hair is like Timmy's.


Tammy, along with her brother, Tommy, live miserable lives due to their constantly busy parents who are never around, and their evil babysitter robot, who usually tortures them with many weapons. Luckily, like their father once did, they also have fairy godparents to make them happy and grant them wishes. Ironically, their fairy godparents are none other than Cosmo and Wanda.

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