Talking Car
Mr. Crocker with the talking car
Species: Automobile
Personal Information
  Big $tuff
  Dimmsdale, CA
Denzel Crocker (owner)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Crocker of Gold
Latest Appearance:
  Crocker of Gold
Voiced by:
Tara Strong

The Talking Car is an intelligent automobile that Denzel Crocker bought from Big $tuff with the McPunchy Clan's pot of gold.


It is known for obeying orders too fast such as when Crocker says "Time for a quick getaway!" the car drives off before Crocker can get inside it. It also speaks at inappropriate times, such as when it said Crocker had the pot of gold in its trunk, when Crocker wanted to turn the pot into a planter.

Also, when Crocker was demanding the car take them back to Dimmsdale (after Timmy and his friends got in the car before him, and Timmy said: "Let's go home."), the car didn't like that and activated its ejector seat on him.

It didn't mind people other than Crocker in the car, though, and presumably drove Timmy and his friends back home after ejecting Crocker (he painfully landed back in his lab); It even drove Timmy and his fairies to Ireland.


It is orange with black stripes on it, and has large engine that is higher than it's hood. It also has airbags, a yellow boxing glove and an ejector seat. It closely resembles the Striker Z.


The Talking Car was first seen when Crocker wanted to unload the things he bought from Big $tuff into its trunk. It also seems to be fully functional without a driver or anyone controlling it.

Talking Car

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