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  • This is "Big Daddy's first appearance.
  • Just like how Wanda's mother-in-law, Mama Cosma does not approve her son's wife, Big Daddy does not approve his daughter's husband (Cosmo). This would be pointed out in Big Wanda when Mama Cosma kidnaps Big Daddy, who goes along with the plan for the same reason.
  • A running gag in this episode is that people make comments or statements about or relating to man eggs.
  • Apparently Wanda doesn't let Cosmo or Timmy do anything that is fun or easy, so they ignore her a lot even her warnings.
  • Apparently you are not supposed to just poof the garbage away because it creates stinky magic. (the magic is left surrounding the garbage bag after it gets poofed away and as it decomposes, so does the magic around it)


  • When Big Daddy says, "Sleep with the fishes", it's a reference to a memorable quote from 1972's movie, The Godfather.
  • When Big Daddy first appears, he asks a fairy about how he is funny. This is a reference to the 1990 mob movie, Goodfellas. 

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