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Cosmo as Super Not-Cosmo
  • First and only appearance of Wanda Woman and Super Not-Cosmo
  • In this episode, Cosmo and Wanda appeared as superheroes.
  • It is revealed that without the excitement that Cosmo brings, Timmy and Wanda turn British.
  • Cosmo' super hero name could be mistakenly say as "Super Nut-Cosmo".
    • Also, in Latin America the name could be mistakenly say as "Super Nuez-Cosmo" Nuez is Nut in Spanish.
  • First appearance of the Dimmsdale Dam.


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Super Saiyan?
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  • When Wanda shows Timmy her musical notes, her hair resembles Super Saiyan's hair.
  • Wanda Woman is a parody of Wonder Woman.
  • The cars descending and ascending bouncing Cosmo into each other is a reference to the Atari game, Pong.
  • When Wanda and Timmy are having a food fight as each other while dressed as old fashioned British people, one of the food items on the desk is an eaten fish that looks like Mr. Limpet from the 1964 film The Incredible Mr. Limpet.
  • This episode bears the same name as an episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, "Super Zero".
    • "Super Zero" is also a level in the DS game WarioWare: Touched!
  • The Super Not Cosmo Secret Lair is a reference to the Batcave which belongs to the DC Comics superhero,Batman.
  • Dimmsdale Dam could be a reference to Springfield Dam from The Simpsons.
  • Super Not-Cosmo' outfit resembles Pie-Man's outfit from The Simpsons episode "Simple Simpson".

Running Gags

  • Chet Ubetcha saying "Call me Sally!" and Cosmo calling him Sally.
  • When Cosmo hears a cry for help, Timmy's bed always smacks Timmy even he tries to avoid it.
  • When Wanda asks Cosmo for something, Cosmo would poof up something that would be extremely dangerous and it would proceed to harm Timmy.
  • Timmy and Wanda relaxing with Cosmo being a superhero doing heroic deeds.

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