Super Children
The Super Children
The Super Children. From left to right: Wonder Gal, Professor A.J., Matter Muncher Lad, Cleft, The Bouncing Boil, The Sonic Youth, Hawk Gal
Organization Information
Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder
Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder
Cleft, Matter Muncher Lad, Professor A.J., The Bouncing Boil, The Sonic Youth, Wonder Gal, Hawk Gal
Type of Organization:
Superhero Team
Super School (Dimmsdale Elementary)

The Super Children are the superhero alter ego's of the children at Dimmsdale Elementary School during The Big Superhero Wish!


The Super Children assemble to fight evil. Their "powers" usually reflect some aspect of their personality or physical appearance. For instance, Professor A.J.'s powers are his super intellect, reflecting the high intelligence of the normal A.J.. For Chester, his braces, which have already been shown to be able to do fantastic things, become Matter Muncher Lad's superpowers. Timmy's alter-ego Cleft is quite straightforward as Cleft is Timmy's main alter-ego since the early state of the show.

Known members


The Big Superhero Wish!


  • The team is a parody of traditional superhero teams created by DC Comics and Marvel, such as The Avengers and the Justice League.