Super Bike: [in regular voice] Timmy! Don't go!
Cosmo: Hi, Super Bike! Meet Super Screwdriver!
Super Bike: [voice changes to dragon voice] Super Toilet.
Cosmo: [screams and starts sucking his thumb] So much clogging!

Mrs. Turner: Ahh! someone replaced my slippers with bike pedals
Mr. Turner: Ha ha, gotta go. [Gives money to Timmy] If your mom asks?
Timmy: I did it.
Mr. Turner: You're a good boy.

Timmy: [To his fairies] Not a lot of time! You right, me wrong! Just because I can wish for something, doesn't mean I should!
Super Bike: But Timmy, I'm your bike!
Timmy: Yeah, but you're not a very nice bike and I don't want to ride you anymore!
Wanda: That's it! Bye bye psycho-bike! [Tries to poof Super Bike away, but Super Bike is unaffected]
Wanda: [Realizes that Super Bike didn't go away] Hey! What the...... [Super Bike's nostrils blow fire at Wanda's face, burning her to a crisp]
Super Bike: I'm indestructible. Remember?

Mr. Turner: Hey! That's not the blender I made you!

Cosmo: So much clogging!

Super Bike: You know, if he really loves you, he'd let you ride me!!
Timmy: Hey, don't say that! My dad loves me!
Super Bike: How do you know he's not lying?
Timmy: How do I know you're not?
Super Bike: Well, I'm a bike!
Timmy: Yeah! And you've been manipulating me to keep me away from my friends and family! Come on, we're going home!

Cosmo: It took the plunger... the whole plunger!!!

Super Bike: I know what's going on here. Fine! If I can't be your bike, [Turns into Dragon] NOBODY CAN!!!

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