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Sugar Cream Puffs
A.K.A.: Cream Puffs
Organization Information
Mrs. Turner
Scary unnamed leader (formerly)
Vicky (formerly)
Other unnamed girls
Type of Organization:
Girl Scouts
Camp Creampuff
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Scout's Honor
Last Appearance:
  Squirrely Puffs

The Sugar Cream Puffs are a Girl Scout-style organization in the Fairly Oddparents-series that operates in Dimmsdale. They're mostly focused on ballet, but they do typical scouting activities as well, like nature hikes.


They wear pink tutus with cream puff shaped hats. They hold ballet dance pageants at Dimmsdale Elementary School occasionally, but also go on nature hikes and have friendly competitions with their rivals, the Squirrel Scouts (a Boy Scout-style organization that also operates in Dimmsdale). In the game "Breakin Da Rules", the Cream Puffs (minus Tootie) are enemies in one level, and Timmy must avoid them to rescue his fellow scouts from Vicky. In their original appearance, they were led by a scary Frankenstein-like woman who let the girls "play" with a vicious dog, and even scared Vicky into obedience.


I am a little cream puff.
A feisty modern girl.
I'm sweet, and cute, and smart to boot,
Much tougher than a squirrel.

Camp Creampuff, their headquarters.

Camp Creampuff

Camp Creampuff is a camp site located near Lake Stikwater, where the girl scouts are holed up in a military complex-like arrangement surrounded by barbed wire. In this depiction, the Cream Puffs wear slightly different hats, and are blackmailed by Vicky into doing her camp duties, although unlike Timmy, they actually like doing her chores.

Known members



Video games


  • They first appeared in Scout's Honor, where they are led by Vicky and an unnamed scary woman. Vicky also leads them in the game, Breakin' Da Rules. However, in Squirrely Puffs they are led by Mrs. Turner.
  • The Cream Puff's motto "Esculentis Nutrimens" is a Latin phrase which roughly translates to "delicious food".


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