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Steve marmel

Stephen "Steve" Marmel (born December 17, 1964) is a writer and producer who has worked on many animated TV series, among which are The Fairly Odd Parents, I Am Weasel, Danny Phantom, Family Guy and Yin Yang Yo!. During his work on The Fairly Odd Parents he frequently co-wrote episodes with Butch Hartman. He also created the series Sonny With a Chance starring Demi Lovato, Tiffany Thornton, and Sterling Knight.


Episode Position
The Big Problem! Writer
Power Mad! Story and Writer
Spaced Out Writer
Transparents! Writer
A Wish Too Far! Writer
Tiny Timmy! Story and Writer
Father Time! Writer
Apartnership! Writer
Chin Up! Writer
Dog's Day Afternoon Writer
Dream Goat! Story and Writer
The Same Game Writer
Christmas Everyday! Writer and Story
Boys in the Band Writer
Boy Toy Writer
Inspection Detection Story
Action Packed Writer
A Mile In My Shoes Writer
Timvisible Writer
That Old Black Magic Writer
Foul Balled Writer
The Boy Who Would Be Queen Writer
Totally Spaced Out Writer
The Switch Glitch Writer
Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad Writer
Knighty Knight Writer
Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary Writer
Hail To The Chief Writer
Twistory Writer
Fools Day Out Writer
Deja Vu Writer
Information Stupor Highway Writer
Scary Godparents Writer
That's Life! Writer
Shiny Teeth Writer
Odd, Odd West Writer
MicroPhony Writer
So Totally Spaced Out Writer
Love Struck! Writer
Abra-Catastrophe! Writer
Sleepover and Over Writer
The Crimson Chin meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad Writer
This Is Your Wish Writer
Beddy Bye Writer
The Grass is Greener Writer
The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker! Writer
Pipe Down! Writer
The Big Scoop! Writer
Crime Wave Writer
Imaginary Gary Writer
Chip Off The Old Chip Writer
Shelf Life Writer
Parent Hoods Writer
Lights...Camera...Adam! Writer
The Big Superhero Wish! Writer
New Squid In Town! Writer
Channel Chasers Writer
Crash Nebula Creator and Writer
Something's Fishy! Writer
The "Good Old Days!" Story
Fairy Idol Story and Writer
Timmy the Barbarian! Writer
Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Writer
When Nerds Collide! Story and Writer
The Jerkinators! Writer

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