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Stanley & his Wife
Gender: Male (Stanley), Female (His Wife)
Species: Wood People
Personal Information
  Stanley's Hardware Store
  Deserted Island
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Dad Overboard
Last Appearance:
  Dad Overboard
Stanley and His Wife are two more people made of bamboo, coconuts, leaves and seaweed by Elf.


After Dad finished building Linda's Boats, Timmy wondered where did he get that chainsaw he was holding, and he replied he bought it from Stanley's Hardware store, and proceeded to wave Hello to Stanley and his wife who were just finished by Elf. A pelican came and grabbed Stanley's wife's head. Later when the Turners were evacuating the island because of the bomb, Dad said he was going to fetch "Stanley and his headless wife". In the end, they all managed to get away safely.

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