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Timmy Turner: This year is my big rite of passage! Time for me to go hike up Mount Doomsdale, and go from boyhood, to older boyhood!

Timmy Turner: Mount Doomsdale doesn't look so bad!
Mr. Turner: Uh, Mount Doomsdale is over there.

Mr. Turner: Timmy! Don't look now, but some freak in a cupcake suit has stolen your mothers minivan!
Mrs. Turner: It's me silly! Mom! I'm in my Cream Puff troop leader uniform!
Tootie: We're going to climb Mount Doom, on our way from girlhood, to older girlhood!

Tootie: Hi Timmy, I just got my mouth to mouth resuscitation badge! [puckers lips at Timmy]

Poof: [after seeing his parents get eaten] Mama? Dada? [begins to whimper]
Timmy: Don't cry poof! Funny faces! Funny faces! [makes faces at his canteen]

A.J.: Something bit my shin! ...and it had beady red eyes, and really sharp teeth!
Chester McBadbat: That was me. I'm really hungry! [gnaws on A.J.'s arm]

Tootie: See you at the top, Timmy! If you survive!

Mr. Turner: After I crashed into a cliff, these squirrels rescued me and nurtured me back to health. Now they worship me as their leader!
Mr. Turner: [quickly] No. They will help us!

Timmy: I made it to the top of the mountain, and older boyhood, and I never needed mouth to mouth resuscitation!
Tootie: Never say that again, Timmy!
Timmy: Barf again! [barfing in the pool]

Wanda: Cosmo, you're allergic to nuts!
Cosmo: No, I'm not! [he swells up because of an allergic reaction] Yes I am.

Timmy: Why does nature hate us!?

Mrs. Turner: Nature loves us! This can't possibly get any better.

Sanjay: Yeah! I've got knee socks!

Cosmo: What's for dinner?
Wanda: I think we are... again!
Chester: Goldfish! I can totally eat them!

Sanjay: I've got poison ivy! This wouldn't have happened if we had knee socks!

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