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Spellementary School
World: Fairy World
Additional Information
  Mrs. Powers
Mr. Crocker (School of Crock)
Sammy Sweetsparkle
Goldie Goldenglow
Eddie Elf
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Spellementary School
Last Appearance:
  School of Crock

Spellementary School is a preschool where magical beings go to learn how to control their magic, and that's why Poof goes there to learn. In the episode, Spellementary School, Poof seems to be the most popular kid and he gets the questions right, but Foop always gets them wrong.


Poof and Foop attended this school to practice their magic. The class teacher is Mrs. Powers and some of her students include leprechauns, elves, and lawn gnomes. At Spellementary School, when the day reaches its end, everything goes back to how it was when school started, and that's what "saved by the bell" means there.

Smellementary School


Spellementary School under Foop's control, called Smellementary School

After failing in every attempt to become popular and Poof becoming popular instead of him, Foop decides to make his own school were he would be the class president and the most popular kid there. The school he had made was called Smellementary School, had all the students hung on chains from the ceiling. After they all refused to say Foop is the coolest, he proceeds to throw them in a black hole, but the day ends (due to the term 'saved by the bell' being literally used in the school) and everything goes back to normal, making Foop's effort worthless.

Poof, Foop and Goldie Goldenglow

Poof and Foop returned to Spellementary School in Love Triangle. They both refused to do the play and actually became friends until a new kid named Goldie Goldenglow arrives. As she plays the main female role of their play, they realize that in order to win her affections, they need to get the main male role. In the end Poof wins despite that he spoke no actual real words (as mentioned by Foop). Foop in a desperate attempt to get Goldie, changes the play so that Poof would end up in pain while Foop gets Goldie. Poof caught on to this and pretended to be sick, so Foop's plan would backfire on him. After the play ends, Poof won Goldie's heart and they left for a treat at an ice cream parlor while Foop tries to get Goldie for himself with a trap only for it to backfire on him once again.

Poof's First Words

This is also the site of Poof's first words in School of Crock when Mr. Crocker, wished by Timmy to go far away from Timmy's school not knowing he teaches Poof's school, had an epic battle with Poof, in which Poof said the first words, "!"


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