The Fairly OddParents episode transcript
"Spaced Out!"
Season №: 1
Episode №: 2A
Airdate: April 6, 2001
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This article is a transcript of the The Fairly OddParents episode, "Spaced Out!" from season 1, which aired on April 6, 2001.


Alien: Puny humans, we will now suck out your brains with bendy straws!

Captain Lazerpants: You can suck out our minds, livers, and spleens, but we will never surrender!

Alien: Silence, Captain Lazerpants, no one can save you now! [sticks a straw in Captain Lazerpants' forehead]

[All of a sudden, Crash Nebula smashes through the wall and enters the scene.]

Alien: It's Crash Nebula!

Captives: Hurrah!

Crash Nebula: [to alien] Intergalactic scum, your reign of terror ends now! [fires a cannon at the aliens, but they dodge it]

[Zoom out to reveal that it is a TV show that Timmy and his friends Chester and A.J. are watching. The Crash Nebula theme then plays and a dramatic fight between Crash Nebula and the aliens begins on the TV.]

Timmy: It's pretty cool, huh, Chester?

Chester: Yeah! Don't you think, A.J.?

A.J.: Positively!

TV Narrator: Will Crash Nebula escape the evil clutches of the Clutchulacs? Tune in next week for another exciting episode of... Crash Nebula!

Timmy: That was the best episode ever! Right, guys? ...Guys?

Chester and A.J.: ............GET HIM!! [whip out Crash Nebula gear and point their Crash Nebula toy weapons at Timmy, who blocks their attack with a plate]

Timmy: Meddling humans! You'll never catch me! [kicks over table, shaking the ceiling downstairs]

[Cut to the downstairs living room, where Vicky notices the slight rumbling coming from upstairs.]

Vicky: I smell fun.

[Cut back upstairs, where Chester and A.J. are still shooting a purple liquid at Timmy, who is shielded by the flipped table.]

Timmy: Two against one, huh? [to device on his arm] Mother ship! Come in, Mother ship! This is Timmy calling Cosmo and Wanda. Do you read?

[Pan to outer space, where Cosmo and Wanda are riding in a spaceship.]

Cosmo: Aye aye, Captain Timmy sir!

Wanda: Uh, he said Mother ship. That means I'm in charge. Awaiting orders, your space macho-ness!

Timmy: [back on earth] I need more firepower!

Wanda: You've got it, kiddo. [to Cosmo] More firepower, lackey.

Cosmo: I want a Father ship next time!

[Cosmo poofs Timmy into a Crash Nebula suit with a giant cannon in the arm slot, which Timmy promptly uses to shoot a giant hole in his bedroom wall after Chester and A.J. dodge it.]

Chester and A.J.: Cool!

Chester: [to Timmy]  Killer Crash suit, dude!

A.J.: [to Timmy] Yeah! Wherever did you get it?

Timmy: ...Internet.

Chester: Cool! Now all we need is an alien and we can reenact episode 621 of Crash Nebula.

[Cosmo and Wanda poof back into their fishbowl]

Timmy: [whispers to Cosmo and Wanda] I wish we had an alien monster to play with.

[Cosmo and Wanda wave their wands, and an alien from Yugopotamia appears in front of Chester and A.J.]

Timmy: [whispers to Cosmo and Wanda] Great job on the alien, guys. It's so lifelike!

Wanda: Of course it is. He's real. We're... not so good at creating aliens.

Cosmo: So we borrowed one.

Timmy: What?!

[Cut to Yugopotamia where Yugopotamian Queen Jipjorrulac is pacing the floor.]

King Gripullon: Queen Jipjorrulac, you seem troubled.

Queen Jipjorrulac: Yes, King Gripullon. Our son hasn't tortured the prisoners yet today.

King Gripullon: Hmm. That's not like Mark... [to hi-tech robot computer] Computer, find Mark.

Computer: Uh, readings show that your son has been taken to Earth.

King Gripullon: [with fear] Ohoho, not Earth! Assemble the star destroyers. We'll blow up that foul planet and get our son back! [Queen Jipjorrulac glares at him] Uh, not necessarily in that order.

[Cut to Earth to Timmy's house]

Mark: Aaaah! [menacing cry]

A.J.: Amazing! A fully-automated, animatronic space alien!


Chester: Cool! Actual Crash Nebula dialogue!

Mark: You earth children..aren't afraid of me? ...Or my straws?

Chester: sniff sniff...Hey! Authentic alien bad breath!

[Vicky bursts into the room.]

Vicky: I'm telling you for the last time... KEEP IT QUIET UP HERE!!! [Timmy, Chester, and A.J. are shaking with fear]

Mark: She's terrified the children in a way I could not. [stares at Vicky dreamily with little hearts surrounding him]

Vicky: You with the stupid alien costume--you're OUTTA HERE! [grabs Mark by the tentacle and walks him out the room]

Timmy: But Vicky--

Vicky: You can play with your geek buddy after you clean THIS ROOM!

Mark: [lovingly] Ooh, she's so... FORCEFUL! [Vicky slams door as she pulls Mark out the room]

[Cut to King Gripullon and Queen Jipjorrulac driving a Yugopotamian space ship through space. The ship is blasting every planet in sight.]

Queen Jipjorrulac: You wouldn't have to blow up all these planets if you'd just stop for directions!

King Gripullon: Quiet, I'm still the king around here...

Queen Jipjorrulac: King of getting lost.

King Gripullon: Silence!!

[Pan out to Cosmo and Wanda watching this scene from a mini-TV in their fishbowl. Timmy, Chester, and A.J. are cleaning Timmy's room.]

Cosmo: Pssst, Timmy!

Timmy: What is it?

Wanda: We have good news and bad news.

Timmy: What's the good news?

Cosmo: The alien we got you is actually a prince from the dreaded war planet Yugopotamia.

Wanda: And his parents are on his way to destroy the Earth and rescue their son.

Timmy: What's the bad news??

Wanda: Oh, wait--that was the bad news.

Timmy: [angrily] Then what's the good news?!?

Cosmo: I found a nickel!

Timmy: Okay, then... I wish the alien was back home.

[Cosmo and Wanda wave their wands, but their wands do not light up.]

Timmy: Well? Is he gone?

Cosmo: Uhhh...

Timmy: More good news, nickel boy?

Cosmo: MY NICKEL! [clutches nickel tightly, dashes back to the castle in the goldfish bowl, and slams the door]

Wanda: It seems our alien prince has fallen in love with Vicky, and Da Rules say we can't interfere with true love.

Cosmo: [pops out of the castle] We've got to talk the alien out of loving Vicky!

[Zoom out to see Chester and A.J. staring at Timmy and his conversation with his goldfish godparents.]

Chester: ...Dude, are you talking to your fish?

Timmy: Yes. UHH, guys! We need to get the alien away from Vicky. It's, uhh... a collectible.

A.J.: Superlative! Hmm, so why would she take it? She's not even a fan!

Chester: She'll probably sell it to buy makeup and other girl stuff! Let's go.

[Cut to Mark dusting the living room table while Vicky is sitting on the sofa.]

Vicky: Y'know, I could sell your stupid costume for makeup and other girl stuff.

Mark: Vicky, the fear you instilled in the young ones was enchanting.

Vicky: ...You talk funny. Are you from Europe or something?

Mark: I'm a warrior prince from Yugopotamia. ...My name is Mark!

Vicky: Yech. You're a foreign exchange student. Take off that stupid costume!

Mark: Does this form not appease you?

Vicky: [sighs] Look, if you want to please me so much, why don't you make me a chocolate shake?

Mark: CHOCOLATE?! T-That's like the foulest substance known on my planet!! ROCK! [goes into kitchen while admiring Vicky]

[Cut to Mark in the kitchen blending up a chocolate milkshake. Chester and A.J. suddenly enter the room.]

Chester: Alien toy! We're here to save you from Vicky!

Mark: I do not wish to be saved from Vicky.

A.J.: Vicky's the foulest, most evil creature of the universe!

Mark: I know, isn't she awesome? You two will make excellent appetizers for Vicky. [presses a button on his belt that squirts a purple substance at the kids, sticking them to the wall]

A.J.: Cool! This is just like what happened in today's Crash Nebula episode!

[Cut to the living room where Mark is giving Vicky the chocolate shake and gazing at her lovingly. Timmy is watching the scene from the second floor.]

Timmy: Yuck. How could anyone fall in love with HER?

[Wanda then look at her wand, which shows the image of the Yugopotamian ship coming closer to Earth to destroy it.]

Wanda: Timmy, uh, there's something we've got to show you. [poofs up a telescope for Timmy to see the Mother ship being destroyed] Looks like we have less time than we thought.

Timmy: Oh no! I better go talk to the alien's parents. Maybe they can talk some sense into their son.

Wanda: Good idea. We can't destroy true love...

Cosmo: ...But parents can! [poofs Timmy, Wanda, and himself onto the Yugopotamian ship]

[Cut to inside the Yugopotamian ship where a Yugopotamian guard stops the trio.]

Yugopotamian Guard: Halt! Who goes there?

Timmy: Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy of Earth. We need to speak with Mark's parents.

Yugopotamian Guard: If the king and queen you wish to see, then you must face the perils three. Now, puny human--you must skip across the dreaded... [a flowerbed appears] field of flowers.

Cosmo: They're beautiful! I mean, gasp!

Timmy: Well, here goes nothing. Really. [prances through the flowers with ease]

Queen Jipjorrulac: Amazing! The flowers touch his skin, but he neither burns nor bleeds!

Timmy: ..Ta-da?

[All the Yugopotamians gasp with awe.]

Yugopotamian Guard: Behold, the second task. You must hug the galaxy's cutest and softest teddy bear! [giant metal box appears and opens, revealing a pink teddy bear]

Cosmo:  You can do it, Timmy!

Wanda: The fate of the Earth depends on it!

Timmy: Oh, alright. [hugs the teddy bear tight]

Teddy Bear: I wuv you.

[The Yugopotamians gasp and the glass encasing their brain shatters from the shock.]

Queen Jipjorrulac: We don't understand! He didn't burst into flames!!

King Gripullon: Never fear, my queen! Not even our mightiest warriors can survive the final task! [several Yugopotamians wearing haz-mat suits carry a rectangular object onto the scene.]

Cosmo:  Is that...

Wanda: It can't be!

Timmy: It is! Chocolate!

Yugopotamian Guard: Not so high and mighty now, are you, earth punk? For your last task, you must EAT the chocolate bar!

Timmy: Sure! I mean..... Not chocolate! Anything but that! [hugs Yugopotamian guard] Please don't make me eat it! [Yugopotamian guard holds Timmy up to the chocolate and he takes a bite.] Munch munch...hey, there's peanuts in it!

Yugopotamians: AAAAAAAHHH!!... oooh... [passes out]

Yugopotamian Guard: [to Timmy] You are truly the foulest creature in the universe. You may speak to the king and queen.

King Gripullon: A mere child has passed our toughest test... Your kind are very powerful indeed.

Queen Jipjorrulac: [to Timmy] Oh, please don't hurt us! We just want our son back!

Timmy: I, Timmy, candy-crunching warrior of Earth, have good news and bad news.

Cosmo: The good news is I've named my nickel Philip!

King Gripullon: What's the bad news?

Cosmo: It's a girl nickel!

Timmy: There's a problem with an earth girl. He's fallen in love with her. I, with my race of flower-skipping, bear-hugging, chocolate-eating warriors will not stand for this!

Queen Jipjorrulac: W-we'll talk to Mark. We'll set him straight. Just DON'T EAT THE CHOCOLATE AGAIN!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

[Cut back to Timmy's house. Mark is entering the kitchen.]

Mark: Okay, dudes, things aren't going well with Vicky, so I've decided to suck out your brains and give them to her as gifts.

Chester: You can suck out our minds, livers, and spleens, but we will never surrender!

Mark: Silence, puny earth children! No one can save you now!

[Pan to the door, where Timmy suddenly bursts in.]

Chester and A.J.: Tim Nebula!

Timmy: Intergalactic scum, your reign of terror ends now! [squirts Mark with purple substance]

Mark: Excellent! Another brain I can give to Vicky.

[Cut to Vicky drinking her milkshake when the doorbell suddenly rings.]

Vicky: Oh, WHAT NOW?!? [opens door and sees King Gripullon and Queen Jipjorrulac in bad human disguises]

King Gripullon: Um, hello.... We're Mr. and Mrs.... Chang, and we've come to pick up our son Mark.

[Cut to Mark grabbing Timmy and holding him in the air]

Vicky: [from offscreen] Mark, GET OUT HERE!!!!

Mark: [jumps up and down happily] My beloved calls me! I'll be back to suck your brains out in a moment. Later. [dashes to the front door] Mother, father, what are you doing here?

King Gripullon: Mark... enough of this foolishness. It's time to go, pal...

Mark: I cannot go with you, for I am in love with Vicky. [grabs Vicky with his tentacles and squeezes her hard] You see, she taught me something today..... [gets emotional] IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW HIDEOUS YOU ARE ON THE OUTSIDE, BUT HOW EVIL [slams Vicky to the ground] AND VICIOUS [slams Vicky to the ground again] YOU ARE ON THE INSIDE!! RIGHT?! AM I RIGHT?!?

King Gripullon: Well, if you're in love-- [sees Timmy biting a flower's petals off and gets scared again] Uh, NO, SON! It would never work. She's not where we're from.

Vicky: You mean Europe?

King Gripullon: Ookay...

Queen Jipjorrulac: Mark, listen to your father and go back to the ship--I

Mark: Whatever...

[King Gripullon, Queen Jipjorrulac, and Mark Chang file into the Yugopotamia spaceship and blasts off]

Vicky: [gets emotional and sheds some tears] I'll never forget you, Mark, foreign exchange student from Yugopo...Europe! ..............Hey, I found a nickel!

[A shrunken Cosmo and Wanda pop out from Vicky's hair]

Cosmo: ...sniff...PHILIP!!!!!

[Cut to inside Timmy's house]

A.J.: Timmy, that was the best game of Crash Nebula ever!

Chester: Dude, you rock!

Timmy: Thanks, guys!

TV Narrator: Will Timmy's secret ever be exposed? [Zoom out to reveal that several Yugopotamian kids are watching Timmy's adventures on their TV screens] Will Cosmo and Philip the nickel ever be reunited? Tune in next week for another exciting episode of... The Fairly Oddparents!

Yugopotamian Kids: Cool!

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