• It is revealed that Timmy had asked his dad one million times to go to the Dimmsdale Aquarium.


Titlecard-Sooper Poof
  • Superman - The title card is a reference to Superman' symbol, and the plot of the episode is a reference to his origin.
  • Cheerios - The name of the cereal Cosmo was disguised as "Cosmo-Os" is a spoof of the cereal brand.
  • Apple Jacks - The name of the cereal Wanda was disguised as "Wanda Jacks" is a spoof of the cereal brand.
  • Baby On Board - The "alien baby on board" sign is a clearly reference of the "baby on board" sign.

Running Gags

  • Characters taking a nap.
  • Timmy trying to get Poof back to his parents, but he fails in each attempt and ends up getting into trouble.
  • Animal hunters thinking they caught rare albino animals (Like Cosmo as a Lion)


  • If you see closely to the market shelves, when Poof becomes a monster the cereals on the shelves are not the monsters ones.
  • Mrs. Turner' shopping cart disappears in several scenes.
  • According to the show, Timmy's parents would be under no legal authority to ground Timmy forever, since he, past 18, would be considered an adult.
  • How did Mr. Turner got a picture of Poof?. This goof was mentioned by Mr. Turner.

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