Timmy: Okay Poof, show me... tree!

Wanda: Oh hurry up Timmy, we miss our baby!

Mr. Turner: Yeah! Super Baby is back!

Mr. Turner: Super Baby away!

Mr. Turner: Stay here away from your awesome brother and think about why you can't treat him like shark food.
Mrs. Turner: And speaking of food, time to go shopping. But where do we buy food for a super baby?

Mr. Turner: [angry] I know it's hard accepting a new member of the family, but come on, a deli slicer?!
Mrs. Turner: [angry] Now, I don't want to see you trying to thinly slice your brother again.
Timmy (deleted quotes): But, but...
Mr. Turner (deleted quotes): [angry] No "buts", I do not want to know about not another word, you'll be grounded for life! YOU SEE!? [Mr Turner locks Timmy with three padlocks] Don't go out from this place until we return from the playground! [Timmy's parents leaves out from Timmy's room and closes the door]
Timmy (deleted quotes): My parents did not believe me! I have to bring Poof back, but I'm trapped in this jail! Cosmo, Wanda, I wish go out of the jail! [Cosmo and Wanda frees Timmy out the jail] And I wish we were hidden on the playground! [POOF!]

Mrs. Turner: [to Mark dressed as an alien mommy] Uh, are you Super Baby's mother?

Timmy: Awesome, I'm a super son and a superhero. [Hunter blows a dart at his butt and Timmy falls asleep]

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