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  • Apparently, insults on Yugopotamia are taken as a compliment. Also, manure is considered a delicacy by Yugopotamians. They greatly fear the Gigglepies due to their cuteness.
  • According to Timmy in this episode, ten-year old boys are bored by cute stuff.
  • This episode reveals that Timmy is ticklish.
  • This episode has a rare depiction of smoking on the series, when a father Yugopotamian is reading the newspaper and smoking a pipe, only to be frightened by his baby's Gigglepie.
  • This episode was aired out of order, because Nickelodeon USA aired on August 1, 2003, but the episode was aired in Australia on February 8, 2002, since it was postponed.


  • Gremlins - Overlord Glee momentarily changing into a vicious creature is a reference to part of the movie plot.
  • Happy Tree Friends - Trilly the Trust Gigglepie has the same color scheme as Cuddles.

Running Gags

  • Gigglepies rhyming until close to the end when their Rhyme-o-meter becomes off.


  • Before the King burps the circle object, his philtrum is dirty. But after he burps the object, his philtrum is clean.

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