Gigglepie Trilly: Everything's fine! Don't be ridiculous! Stay here with me and I'll show you some magic trick...u....lous...

Gigglepie Trilly: Hi, I'm Trillie the Trust Gigglepie. I noticed you three as you fell from the sky!

Gigglepie Trilly: Oh, no funny--that's not I. Boo Boo is the funny Gigglepie. [whispers] Boo Boo jokebook not included.

Gigglepies: I don't know what I've been told!
Cosmo: Buy one!
Gigglepies: Sound off!
Wanda: Buy two!
Gigglepies: Sound off! Three, four! BUY THEM ALL!

Cosmo: [becoming insane] I do. I DO! I WANT TO BUY THEM ALL!

Cosmo: I'll give you three Bleeblees for a Wawa.
Wanda: I'll give you two Pobocaps for a Weewee card.

Overlord Glee: [explains to Timmy what'll happen to Yugopotamia] We do what we always do! Blow the planet up and move on to the next one. [the cute Overlord Glee then suddenly turns red and hideous and develops a harsh, grating voice] ISN'T THAT CUTE?!? [turns back to normal]
Timmy: That's horrible! ...And it didn't rhyme!
Overlord Glee: He's onto us. [turns into the red, hideous creature again] GET HIM!

King Grippulon: [about the Gigglepies] I'm going to collect them all, in my stomach!

King Grippulon: [to Timmy] For helping us defeat the special surprise inside, you have our undying gratitude, young warrior!
Queen Jipjorrulac: Ah, I wish we had a medal to give you.
[Gripullon wipes face with bib and as he burps, a heart piece that was originally from a Gigglepie flies out of his mouth and onto Timmy's front.]
Timmy: Eww. That's gross.
King Grippulon: You're welcome.

Mark: [after crashing his ship into Timmy's bedroom] Dude, can I use your bathroom?
Timmy: It's Mark Chang! Cosmo, Wanda! Poof me into my Crash Nebula suit!

Timmy: Stand back! [blasts the cage containing the Yugopotamians with his cannon and sets them free]
King Grippulon: You wasn't locked.
Queen Jipjorrulac: We were in it for our own protection!
Timmy: What's the matter with you? They're soft...and fluffy! Show some backbone!
King Grippulon: Well, you know we are gelatinous and have no spines to show!
Queen Jipjorrulac: Why do you mock us?!
Timmy: [The Gigglepies surround Timmy and the Yugopotamians and they stat to tickle Timmy] Leave me alone! [laughs] Cosmo! Wanda, help! [laughs]

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