• This is the first time Vicky and Timmy work together as friends.
  • First appearance of Elmer's Mom and Sanjay's Mom.
  • Vicky apparently used to have a pet turtle, but no longer has it because her mom told her it ran away while she was at summer camp. Vicky knew that was a lie since turtles cannot run.
  • Vicky claiming she 'doesn't mean to be mean, she just is' could be explained by the fact that, in Tiny Timmy!, her kindness never turns up to work inside her brain.
  • This episode airs sometimes in December due to it being a snow-themed episode.
  • Timmy's look in this episode is exactly similar to the look he made in ''Christmas Everyday!".
  • Butch Hartman's daughter Sophia came up with this episode.


Running Gags

  1. Timmy and Vicky saying/writing "We hugged."
  2. Cosmo thinking that what women say are the opposite of what they mean, so Wanda's insults are compliments to him.
  3. Mr. Turner trying to save his wife and her friends from "apparent danger", and the latter constantly fooling him.


  • Timmy never unwished his heat vision, so he could have used it to escape the cave.

Production Notes

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