Vicky: (while talking to Timmy on an ice psychiatrist chair) And then when I was eight, my mom said my turtle ran away. But he didn't run away! Turtles can't run!!!

Vicky: This all your fault!
Timmy Turner: How's it my fault your the one who caused the avalanche?! You're the one who causes everything bad that happens to me!!
Vicky: Well I... huh!? Wow it's so cold, the heat of my fury has finaly cooled.

(Timmy and Vicky enter in the lounge on their "snowboards.")
Mrs. Turner: Timmy? Vicky? [the Yeti slides in, too] An abominable snowman?
(The Yeti unmasks from a costume, revealing a big, beautiful muscular man)
A.J.'s Mom: No, it's an ABDOMINAL snowman!

Vicky: I can't help being mean all the time. It's just that I really am.

Vicky and Timmy: The Abominable Snowman?!

Vicky: I'm Not The Abominable Snowman! I'm Vicky!
Mr.Turner: Which Means You're NOT Vicky!

Vicky: You didn't save me from a monster! You saved me from a hot guy! And I will NEVER forgive you for that! (Vicky's yelling starts another avalanche)

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