• This is the only episode, so far, that solely focuses on the friendship between Timmy and A.J., though some other episodes explore Timmy's friendship with Chester, such as Fairy Idol.
  • The first, and only, appearance of Snerd Elementary School students.
  • A.J. says that he doesn't knows anything about Crash Nebula, but in Sleepover and Over, he uses Crash Nebula's costume and says that it's his favorite hero. On the other hand the latter episode came after this one, so A.J. may have started being a fan of Crash Nebula between this episode and Sleepover and Over.
  • This episode shows the first fight between Timmy and one of his best friends.
  • In this episode, Timmy, A.J. and Timmy's parents all danced the "Go Timmy/A.J./parents!" dance when they triumphed over somebody else. In the case of Timmy and his parents they did the dance after they triumphed over someone who was initially giving them a hard time. A.J. did the dance to prove his superiority over Timmy as the former is smarter than the latter.
  • The only appearance of the attorney.
  • This was the second time Timmy forgot that Cosmo and Wanda cannot help him win a contest. The first time was in Hex Games.
  • It is interesting to note that Mr. Crocker did not suspect Timmy's sudden increase of intelligence as the work of Fairy Godparents as he usually does, instead he commands him on his knowledge. In most other episodes, Mr. Crocker would suspect that anything unusual that Timmy has that he nor any other kid can do or have is the work of Fairy Godparents.
  • This is the only episode were Timmy gets in trouble for getting F's. Though he continues to get them after this, he is no longer shown being punished for it.



  • Despite Cosmo and Wanda saying that magic cannot help Timmy cheat in a contest, Timmy receives an A from Crocker for getting a question right on the Alamo, which would be considered cheating because of Cosmo and Wanda's magic. A question however may not be considered a contest in Da Rules as it wasn't probably major enough to be considered a contest.
  • The school is pink in one scene.
  • When it says THE END, the captions say that Cosmo says "Indeed!", when it was actually said by Mr. Turner.
  • It sounds as if Tara Strong blooped a line during one scene. Timmy says "a Chinese mammal that eats manly bamboo", but likely the correct word was "mainly".
  • Timmy says that the Siege of the Alamo won Texas its independence, when Mexico one the battle. In actuality San Jacinto was the decisive battle for Texas.
  • During the quiz competition, the banana slug is referred to as an insect. Slugs are actually gastropods, not insects.

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