Mr. Turner: Those gasping mice are right; you're way out of line mister.

Mrs. Turner: You can make fun of my math skills until it's thirteen o'clock but you do NOT act like a smarty pants.
Timmy Turner: Can you prove I was a smarty pants?
Mr. Turner: Huh?
Timmy Turner: In an infinite universe where reality is interpreted through our continuously fluctuating perception, providing any kind of absolute definitive proof of anything becomes little more than speculation based on random data.
Mrs. Turner: In an infinite what?
Mr. Turner: My brain hurts.

A.J.: Spell "Calculator".
Timmy: C-a-l-q... [pause]... later.

Timmy: [while shaking his buttocks in A.J.'s face] Go Timmy! Go Timmy!
A.J.: [sarcastically] Yeah...go Timmy go!

Timmy: But you deserve to gloat, everybody has something they're good at. You're good at study and I'm good at...uh...
A.J.: Playing video games; did you see how much faster you were than me on that buzzer?

Timmy: Well, Mom, if your math is as good as dad's spelling, I could have turned 21 for all you know.
Cosmo and Wanda: Gasp!
Mr. Turner: Those gasping mice are right, Timmy! You're way out of line!

Cosmo: Hey, Timmy, wanna play the Not-Study Game?
Timmy: How do you play?
Cosmo: [makes all the books disappear from the table] You're already playing!
Cosmo and Timmy: Yaaaay!

A.J.: [while on the phone with Timmy] Are you playing the Crash Nebula video game? Shouldn't you be studying?
Timmy: What are you? my mom? [Timmy hangs up the phone, but puts it on the receiver the wrong way]
A.J.: Hey genius, you missed the receiver. [Timmy hangs up again, but again misses the receiver] Nope, still off.

Mr. Turner: Son, do you know why we're disappointed in this F?
Timmy: Because I could do better than that?
Mr. Turner: You can!?
Mrs. Turner: What? what a relief! We were going to blame ourselves!

Lawyer: You did that all on your own. Well, I still get paid.

Mrs. Turner: We grounded the smart kid!
Mr. Turner: Yeah!
Mr. and Mrs. Turner: Go parents, go parents, go parents!
Mr. Turner: Indeed, Yee haw.
Mrs. Turner: Yes, sir. Go parents.

Timmy: Uh-oh! I don't know anything anymore!
Cosmo: Welcome to my world.

A.J.: I'm gonna add this A to my A collection.

A.J.: [after breaking his trophy into pieces] I gotta work on my gloating.

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