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  • When Timmy said it was 5:00am, Mr. Turner said it was 1:00pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which is eight hours apart. This is the second episode that explained they live in the Pacific timezone, the first was "The Big Problem!".
  • Cosmo apparently doesn't know that geology, geography, and geometry start with G since he stated they start with J.


  • Smart Attack! - The title is a reference to the British children's art show, "Art Attack!".
  • Albert Einstein - The appearance of Mr. Turner when he becomes intelligent in some ways his hair resemblance the "Einstein" hair-cut.

Running Gags

  • Timmy Turner wishing for a super brain only for the said brain to become a super-hero.
  • Mr. Turner saying "Eureka! I think I've broken my eureka".
  • People calling other people/themselves "Idiot".
  • Mr. Turner trying not to tell his wife that her diamond ring is made of cubic zirconium.
  • Somebody tries to put a square-shaped object into a round hole.
  • All of Mr. Turner's lessons involving fish.
  • Timmy begging that his dad won't reveal his secret about fairies.
  • Timmy fainting when his dad is about to hurt Cosmo and Wanda.
  • A robot/intelligent person saying that an emotion "does not compute," before its head explodes.

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