• A.J.'s TV has something called a Parental Block, which prevents him from watching any non-educational programs (as well as any animal violence on the educational programs).
  • Mr. Turner also used child block similar to the parental block in Ruled Out to prevent Timmy from watching violent programming.
  • A.J. says that he likes Crash Nebula, even more than the Crimson Chin, but in Smarty Pants he says that doesn't know anything about Crash Nebula. On the other hand, he may have started liking Crash Nebula between this episode and Smarty Pants.
  • If you hear when Timmy go to Chester's trailer the first time, you can hear a train that is a reference to the episode, The Big Scoop!, because in that episode, a train rail is seen near the trailer yard.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Chester's mother, yet she was only seen in a photo picture.
  • The cat costume is also seen in Catman Meets The Crimson Chin wore it by Timmy.
  • When Timmy is trying to fake a dog attack, he doesn't realize that Cosmo and Wanda accidentally left and were replaced with real junkyard dogs. He finally realized until he really gets attacked, but it is obvious because they are a different color than Cosmo and Wanda's appearance as junkyard dogs.



  • Cosmo' footprints are gone from Timmy's face when he notes that Chester and A.J. were coming.
  • The serpentines that Chester throw to A.J. are gone a scene after he throw them.
  • When Jimmy was seen at the end of the episode, Cosmo's shadow turns red for an extremely short second.

Running Gags

  • People saying "I'd be insulted if you didn't".
  • Cosmo naming animals.
  • Timmy going from one house (Chester's) to the other (A.J.) repeatedly

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