Cosmo: Ooh,look, a cute little bee. I'm going to name you Cindy.
Cindy the Bee: [flies off and then gets eaten by a bird]
Cosmo: Cindy!!! NOOOOOOOO! (sobs) It's too SOOOOOONNN!

Timmy Turner: Can I use the bathroom?
A.J.: [correcting Timmy's grammar] May I use the bathroom.
Timmy: Hey, I asked first!

Cosmo: (holding a picture of Cindy the bee) Even though I knew her for 12 seconds, I'll miss her forever.
Timmy: Wow. He's sure upset.
Wanda: Watch this: How's Cindy?
Cosmo: Who's Cindy?
Timmy: Uh, if I can interrupt. I wish I was at Chester's!

Chester McBadbat: (banging on television) This thing stinks!
Timmy: Which reminds me, can I use the bathroom?
Chester: I'd be insulted if you didn't!

A.J.'s Dad: Guess what. I just blocked every program except for the High Educational Major Geek Channel.

A.J.: At least we'll get to see some animal violence.
A.J.'s Dad: Oh, that reminds me, I blocked the superhero violence.
TV: Block Block Block Block...

Chester McBadbat: Oh, there you are Timmy! Do you wanna try my surpise dip?
Bucky McBadbat: The surprise is... it tastes like cat food!

Timmy: Hey... educational TV is giving me an oddly specific idea!
Cosmo: Which is odd, because usually what it does is make me sleepy.

Cosmo: [as a dog] Wow! A cute kitty. I'm going to name you Jimmy.
Jimmy the Cat: [runs away]
Cosmo: Jimmy, come back!

A.J.: May I?
Chester: I'd be insulted if you didn't!

Wanda: Well, It's official! Both of their sleepovers stink!

Cosmo: May I have a bandage?
Wanda: I'd be insulted if you didn't.
Cosmo: I'd be bleeding if I didn't like Carl. Carl! I want my records back!

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