Gender: Male
Species: Small Human
Personal Information
  The Body of Evil
  Super Villain
  To take over Chincinnati
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Big Superhero Wish!
Latest Appearance:
  The Big Superhero Wish!
Voiced by:
Jim Ward

Short-Fuse is an extremely short bomb-based villain who gets easily angered by anything that has the word "short", "small" or "tiny" in it. Unfortunately for his team, many heroes know that, and can use his powers to their benefit.

It is revealed in "The Big Superhero Wish" that before Nega-Chin got sent back into his comic book, he sent Short-Fuse into the real world to spy on Timmy and his friends and contact him when the world becomes like a superhero world.

In the episode itself, Timmy does just that and Short-Fuse immediately contacts Nega-Chin. He was later entasked to guard the Crimson Chin who was trapped in a cage that was immune to superhuman abilities from the inside while Nega-Chin and his cronies went about to fight the superheroes. The Chin used his guard's anger to break open the cage and free himself. It's unknown what became of Short-Fuse although it's most likely he was sucked back into the comic book after Timmy wishes the world back to normal.


His attire is mainly a fitting rotund, metallic ball resembling a bomb, with a matching hat. His hat holds a fuse that will ignite if the wearer is angry.


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