• This episode is included in the DVD and VHS Scary GodParents (DVD and VHS).
  • This is the last episode to have Gilbert Gottfried as Dr. Bender and Wendell before he left for unknown reasons. The characters are now voiced by Butch Hartman himself.
  • The only difference between Chip Skylark and Skip Sparkypants is their hair color and clothes (but they are voiced by the same actor, Chris Kirkpatrick).
  • This episode reveals that Chip has false teeth instead of real ones. (Dr. Bender was able to pull out his teeth with no problems).
  • Apparently, all dental-related wishes/magic (including teeth retrieval) can only be handled by the Tooth Fairy herself.
  • This is the second appearance of Chip Skylark.
  • When the teeth are flexing, you can see their "buttocks".


  • Sailor Moon - The fact that nobody recognizes Timmy Turner with his tiara on is a reference to the fact that nobody recognized the girls when they transformed, yet only their clothes would change and they would have on their head a tiara.

Word of the Episode

  • Teeth/Tooth is said by a couple characters throughout the show.


  • During the song, Chip Skylark twirled through a picture of himself. In the first shot of that picture, his teeth had only one line. When he twirls through it in the next shot, they have lines defining the individual teeth instead of just one line.

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