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Chet Ubetcha: Chip Skylark's teeth are MISSING!!!! Late last night, Chip Skylark's teeth were stolen right out of his musical mouth! 
Timmy: Bender! He must've got medieval on Chip's mouth! 
Cosmo: That's wiggity wiggity wack!
Wanda: Whatity whatity what?

Dr. Bender: Who are you? The teeth seem familiar, but the tiara has me baffled! But whoever you are, you'll never get these teeth!

Chet Ubetcha: What? There's a boy trapped in a well? This is Chet Ubetcha saying: I must get that boy out of that well! (Chet leaves to save the boy in the well)

Chip Skylark: Thanks Timmy! You're the best!
Timmy: Word!
Chip Skylark: Don't say that.

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