Titlecard-A Mile In My Shoes A Mile In My Shoes
Mr. Dinkleberg's first appearance on the show. He and Mr. Turner build giant robots out of parts in their garage, which they use to combat each other.
Titlecard-Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad
Mr. Dinkleberg (appearing in a slightly different attire) is spied on while leaving his house by Mr. Turner, who had been given super powers. Later, he appears at Mr. Turner's work cracking a joke.
Titlecard-Thats Life That's Life!
Titlecard-Love Struck Love Struck!
Mr. Dinkleberg is one of the denizens of Himmsdale.
Titlecard-The Grass is Greener The Grass is Greener
The Turner's presumed jealousy of the Dinklebergs' wealth due to having no children is the cause of Timmy running away from home.
Titlecard-The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker!
Whe Timmy travels into the past, Sheldon is revealed to have been Mr. Turner's rival since childhood, who won Mrs. Turner's affections first and dated her up until college, when he suddenly dumped her after becoming rich, and Mr. Turner then won over his soon to be wife by mopping up her tears. Mr. Dinkleberg became rich because the scientists and military men attending Mr. Crocker's speech were more interested in Sheldon's parachute pants. Sheldon Dinkleberg moved into the house neighboring the Turner's shortly before Timmy was born, and managed to get their nicer house at a better price than Mr. Turner.
Titlecard-Pipe Down Pipe Down!
Timmy's disastrous ability at a game of charades with his family competing against the Dinkleberg's results in Mr. Turner losing all of his trophies to his hated enemy, causing Timmy to get yelled at and eventually wish for no sound. At the end of the episode, Mr. Dinkleberg gloats to Mr. Turner that he had all the trophies melted into a toilet seat, causing Mr. Turner to scream in rage.
Titlecard-Miss Dimmsdale Miss Dimmsdale
Titlecard-Fairy Friends and Neighbors Fairy Friends & Neighbors!
Mr. Dinkleberg is scared to Timmy's Parents because they are want Dinkleberg play an extreme game.
Titlecard-Channel Chasers Channel Chasers
Timmy messing up his dad's office after an errant wish causes Mr. Turner to lose the cleanest office award to Mr. Dinkleberg. Further punishment was given to Timmy when Vicky tricked Mr. Turner into thinking his son had vandalized his house and also written "My Parents Stink" and "Dinkleberg Rulez" on the wall. When Timmy brought a rocket launcher back from a television show he had wished himself into, it fired and blew up the roof of the Turner's house, at the same moment Mr. Turner's boss was walking by, and the boss immediately awarded a "cleanest house" award meant for Mr. Turner to Mr. Dinkleberg, who used it to play fetch with his dog, which causes Mr. Turner to scream in rage and pull all of his hair out.
Titlecard-Future Lost Future Lost
Titlecard-He Poofs He Scores He Poofs He Scores
Titlecard-Operation Dinkleberg Operation Dinkleberg
Mr. Turner becomes obsessed with proving Mr. Dinkleberg is evil, and employs a variety of spy methods in order to get evidence of evil doing, mainly by sending Timmy to do all the work. Timmy becomes convinced that Mr. Dinkleberg is a good neighbor, and Mr. Turner panics and begins to think Dinkleberg brainwashed his family. He goes into Dinkleberg's house alone, but eventually gives himself away to Dinkleberg, who is hospitable to Mr. Turner at first. Sheldon soon reveals however that he is "really evil" and traps Mr. Turner in his lair. Timmy goes to save his father, and manages to free him long enough for Mr. Turner to panic and run away. While he and Timmy are alone, Dinkleberg reveals that he is not really evil, but wanted Mr. Turner to think so to be happy. This episode also reveals that Mr. Dinkleberg has donated a kidney to Mr. Turner to save his life, and paid over $30,000 for his fake evil lair.
Titlecard-Meet the OddParents Meet the OddParents
Titlecard-Dinklescouts Dinklescouts
Timmy wishes that Mr. Dinkleberg was the Squirrely Scout leader, presumably making Mr. Turner very angry.
Titlecard-I Dream of Cosmo I Dream of Cosmo
Scary GodCouple-Titlecard Scary GodCouple
Vicky wished for Dinkleberg to be chained to Mr. Turner. Mr. Turner is annoyed that he was chained to Dinkleberg. Mr. Turner, still chained to Dinkleberg, was watching baseball and was also on a cruise ship with Dinkleberg. Mr. Turner was no longer chained to Dinkleberg, which he was angrily thankful for and thus, he forced Dinkleberg to rub suntan lotion on his hairy back.
Titlecard-WeirdosOnATrain Weirdos on a Train
Lameduckcard Lame Ducks
Titlecard-APerfectNightmare A Perfect Nightmare
Loveatfirstbarktitlecard Love at First Bark
Sparky falls in love with Dinkleberg's poodle.
Dimmsdale tales-titlecard Dimmsdale Tales
WhittleMeThis Titlecard Whittle Me This
Mr. Turner throws money at him after Dinkleberg compliments his outfit.
MayorMayNot Titlecard Mayor May Not
FoP - ND Nuts & Dangerous


Titlecard-Inspection Detection Inspection Detection
The Dinklebergs do not appear, but are mentioned. This is the first episode featuring the Dinklebergs.
Titlecard-So Totally Spaced Out So Totally Spaced Out
Titlecard-Shelf Life Shelf Life
Dinkleberg does not appear, but is mentioned.
Titlecard-Nega Timmy Nega-Timmy
Mr. Turner is seen aiming Nega-Timmy's laser at Mr. Dinkleberg's house, who pops out his front door and gives him a friendly wave.
Titlecard-Love at First Height Love at First Height
Mr. Dinkleberg and his wife are squashed by the Turner's car when it lands in Adrenalland.
Titlecard-Timmys 2D House of Horror Timmy's 2-D House of Horror
Dinkleberg is not play in this episode, but as Mr. Turner put on his glasses 3-D Mrs. Turner and Timmy's head turned into a Dinkleberg's head.
Titlecard-Its A Wishful Life It's A Wishful Life
The Mayor of Dimmsdale is seen awarding Mr. Dinkleberg an award for "worst lawn" after Timmy mistakenly cleans up his parent's lawn, causing Mr. Turner to lose to Dinkleberg in something yet again.
Titlecard-The Masked Magician The Masked Magician
Titlecard-Mooooving Day Mooooving Day!
Titlecard-Poofs Playdate Poof's Playdate
Dinkleberg is mentioned by Mr. Turner when Timmy's parents go to play "like a dog"
Titlecard-Wishology Wishology!
Dinkleberg is mentioned by Mr. Turner after he learns of his son's fairy godparents, who wants them to wish up a "poop sandwich" for him.
Titlecard-Anti-Poof Anti-Poof
Mr. Turner mentions Dinkleberg, while thinking he and his wife are having a garage sale.
Titlecard-One Man Banned One Man Banned
Titlecard-Chicken Poofs Chicken Poofs
Titlecard-The Boss of Me The Boss of Me
Titlecard-Playdate of Doom Playdate of Doom
Titlecard-Poltergeeks Poltergeeks
Titlecard-Food Fight Food Fight
Titlecard-Fairly OddPet Fairly OddPet
Mr. Turner wanted to throw his pet rock at Dinkleberg (which was the reason he got it).
Titlecard-App Trap App Trap
Dinkleberg didn't appear, but was mentioned by Mr. Turner, when he was talking about his "Destroy Dinkleberg" app on his smartphone.
Titlecard-FindingEmo Finding Emo
Didn't appear. Was mentioned by Mr. Turner.
Tumblr inline mwmpqcsQKV1r5opsr Dust Busters
Mentioned by Mr. Turner.
Titlecard-Cosmonopoly Cosmonopoly
Titlecard-HeroHound Hero Hound
Titlecard-ABoyAndHisDog-Boy A Boy and His Dog-Boy
JerkOfAllTrades Titlecard Jerk of All Trades
Speaking cameo.
Titlecard-SnackAttack Snack Attack
GoneFlushin Titlecard Gone Flushin'
ThePastandtheFurious-Titlecard The Past and the Furious
Title-FairlyOddFairyTales Fairly Odd Fairy Tales
He appears as a tree monster along with Mr. Crocker in the third story.
Man's Worst Friend Man's Worst Friend
Birthdaybattle titlecard Birthday Battle
Dimmsdale's Got Talent? Dimmsdale's Got Talent?
Sheldon Dinkleberg