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Scout's Honor
Season 0, Episode 8
Titlecard-Scouts Honor
Prod. Code: 008
Premiered: January 17, 2000
Created by:
  Butch Hartman
Story by:
  Butch Hartman
Steve Marmel
Written by:
  Butch Hartman
Directed by:
  Butch Hartman
Produced by:
  Butch Hartman
Episode chronology
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The Zappys!
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The Really Bad Day!
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"I ooze brilliance."
Vicky the Babysitter

Scout's Honor is the eighth episode of the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts.

Scout's Honor06:27

Scout's Honor

S0 E8


While on a wilderness camping trip with the Squirrel Scouts, Timmy tries to earn his "Capturing a Mythical Creature" badge without Cosmo and Wanda's help; however, not very far by, Vicky tortures her own scout group, the Cream Puffs.


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