Timmy: [while looking at the clock] Come on, come on. Be three o' clock already. Be the first day of summer already!
A.J.: Timmy, you can't manipulate the time by staring at the clock. Time bends for no man!
Chester: Yeah, but we're boys. It's worth a try. [glares at the clock] Be the first day of summer already! [the hands of the clock move one minute] I did it! I am the lord of time!

Mayor: Look at those kids, they're destroying my town. [to Chompy] What do you think I should do?!
Chompy: Baaa.
Mayor: A town meeting, that's a great idea! [cuts to next scene where everyone is angry at him] This is your worst idea ever!

Chet Ubetcha: [to the kids clinging to his leg] Get off you little, I mean equally sized, [kicks the kids off of his leg] brats! I'm Chet Ubetcha, and I demand to talk to... I mean blame the Mayor for everything that's happened!
[The angry mob starts yelling angrily]

Flappy Bob: I know that it seems harsh.
Kids: It is!
Flappy Bob: And a little bit unfair,
Kids: You’re right!
Flappy Bob: But someone’s got to be there, when you know you can’t be there.
Mr. Turner: Or don’t wanna be!

Chet Ubetcha: This is Chet Ubetcha saying that starting tomorrow, every kid in Dimmsdale is to report to Camp Learn-a-torium for the rest of the summer! [starts laughing] I mean, for their own good.

Sanderson: Want some popcorn?
H.P.: It's unsalted and unbuttered, right?
Sanderson: And unpoped.

Gary: This is scary, kids are ruling the earth! Hold me!
Betty: But I don't like you like that! [runs off]
Gary: But I need to be held! [runs after Betty]
Flappy Bob: No, she doesn't like you like that. [runs after them both]

Ivette: I'm Ivette Ubetcha with the news. This fall is all about chocolate and homework is officially declared super yucky.

Wanda: [to Jorgen] But there are extenuating circumstances!
Cosmo: I know this is probably a bad time, but what does extenuating mean?

Flappy Bob: So who are you anyway? Long lost cousin? Distant uncles? And what's with the floating?
H.P.: We have that kind of money,
Sanderson: Walking is for poor people.

Timmy: I know they're the guys who've given you everything you've ever wanted, and I'm just the guy who destroyed your lifelong dream, but you have to listen to me! [Flappy Bob just blinks] Boy that came out wrong. But I gave you the pen!

Mr. Turner: I'm...Happy Peppy Dad!
Mrs. Turner: And I'm Happy Peppy Mom!
Timmy: Noooooooo!
Wanda: Isn't there supposed to be a good cop and a bad cop?
Jorgen: We had some cutbacks. Now do you want to stay in fairy jail for the rest of your fairy life, or do you want to blame Cosmo?
Wanda: No!
Jorgen: [flips badge over to "good cop" side] Please?
Wanda: No!!
Jorgen: Okay, good cop over. Blame Cosmo!
Wanda: Blame Cosmo? [segue into "Floating with You" song]
Cosmo: You really are kinda naggy.
Wanda: Did you get the handcuff key?
Cosmo: Yep, operation distract Jorgen with a stupid phoney love song works every time!
[they both tiptoe past Jorgen]
Jorgen: [while crying] "I saw her and no other". And that part with the fingerprints, fingers aren't shaped like that, that is love! [continues sobbing]

Sanderson: Well, H.P., now that Flappy has given us total control over Fairy World, what do you wanna do with it?
H.P.: I'm thinking dull and gray.
Sanderson: I was thinking gray and dull, but that's why you're the boss.

Cosmo: There's still enough pretty color left for one of us to slide down the rainbow bridge. [to self] Wow, there wasn't a manly word in that sentence.

Flappy Bob: Have I been wrong? Have I been used? Should I embrace my nose and shoes? Accept these gifts I once refused?
Happy Peppy Gary and Betty: I'm happy, peppy-
Flappy Bob: NOT NOW! [presses a button on his desk which causes a trap door to open. Gary and Betty then fall down the hole]

Sanderson: [talking about Camp Learn-a-torium] If this place were any less fun, it would be a library.
H.P. & Sanderson: [monotone] Ha ha. ha ha.

Flappy Bob: I was a clown at birth, but those two rich guys raised me to be a boring businessman. If there's one thing boring businessmen know, [Flappy brandishes a magnifying glass and starts searching the contract] it's how to find a loophole.

[after Flappy Bob discovers the loophole that is in the contract]
Sanderson: Oh, smoof.
Timmy: You know, you probably shouldn't have sent him to law school.
H.P.: You might have thwarted us this time, Turner. But mark my words, our next thirty-seven year plan will not fail. When you're forty-seven, you'll pay.[H.P. tears up the contract and undoes all of the actions done by the Pixies]

[after Fairy World changes back to normal]
Cosmo: My stupid pointy hat, it's a crown again! And still not a manly word to be found! [Jorgen squashes him] Wow, that was extenuatingly manly!

Flappy Bob's Dad: And we'll never lose you again! But if we do, let's all agree to meet in Vegas!

Cosmo: You saved the day, and the fun! Which is weird because normally you're the one killing it.
Wanda: Stop it, Cosmo!
Cosmo: See?

H.P.: [as he and Sanderson head back to their world on a bike] Maybe we should try a six week plan next time.

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