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  • This episode is included in the DVD and VHS Scary GodParents (DVD and VHS).
  • The Pumpkinator would return in "Escape from Unwish Island".
  • Trixie and Veronica are not seen morphing into their costumes.
  • The popular kids are probably the controllers of the Jack-O-Bots.


  • The Jack-O-Bots are an allusion to the "Autobots" from the Hasbro toy line, Transformers, except that the Jack-O-Bots are evil, while the Autobots are good. (The Jack-O-Bots being evil makes them similar to the Autobots' enemies: the Decepticons)
  • Vicky: "Where did you get the costume? Dorks R Us?" - Dorks R Us is an allusion of the store Toys Я Us.
  • The Jack-O-Bot names are not only named after minerals/metals, but are also similar to names of Pokémon video games, including Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver (for the Game Boy Color), Pokémon Ruby (for the Game Boy Advance) and Pokémon Diamond (for the Nintendo DS).
  • Cosmo: "I'm going as a floating human janitor!" - Daran Norris, who provides Cosmo's voice, plays the character Gordy, a janitor, in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.
  • The music at the end when it rains candy is strikingly similar to the song,"Pure Imagination", as heard during the final scene in the 1971 Willy Wonka movie.
  • The plot of this episode had a similar plot to the Rugrats' episode, "Curse of the Werewuff".
  • Television series references:
    • "Buffy the Vampire Slayer": In the episode 'Halloween' most of the characters are turned into the costumes they are wearing.
    • "The Twilight Zone": In the episode "The Masks", four benefactors are turned into monsters by the hideous masks each wears.


Veronica's incorrect eye color.
Lord BeckettAdded by Lord Beckett
Cosmo and Wanda's erroneous color swap.
Lord BeckettAdded by Lord Beckett
  • When Veronica, Trixie, and the other rich kids appear on Timmy's doorstep, Veronica's pupils are pink. After Trixie tells her to polish her costume, Veronica's pupils return to their normal color (blue).
  • When Cosmo and Wanda appear as cats during the scene where Timmy meets with Mark Chang, Wanda is green and Cosmo is pink.
  • Although the Jack-O-Bot costumes are wished back into normal inanimate objects, they appear later on Unwish Island as sentient beings.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Buxaplenty appear in this episode. However, they crashed on a deserted island with Remy in "Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary" and shouldn't be back until "Remy Rides Again".
  • Some people confuse this episode with Lights Out.

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