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Mr. Turner: (puts on a Mrs. Turner costume) I'm going as your mom!
Mrs. Turner: (puts on a Mr. Turner costume) And I'm going as your dad!
Timmy Turner: And I'm going straight to therapy.
Mr. Turner: Not yet, Timmy. Even if you are crazy, you're going trick-or-treating!

Wendell: (To Dr. Bender) You're the reason I don't have any friends!

Wendell: I'm going to have to give this kid more than a quarter!
Cosmo: You can't spell 'Halloween' without 'ow' in the middle. (eats lollipop and breaks his teeth) OW!

Timmy: He's gonna blow! WANDA HELP!!!!
Wanda: But I'm not a fairy anymore! Without my fairy powers, I'm as useless as that tooth! Wait a minute. If you become whatever you're wearing, that's it! (takes Cosmo's pillow) Sweetie, wake up! (climbs up and puts pillow on the giant tooth)
Dr. Bender: Holy molar! I'm gonna have to give this kid more than a quarter! (struggles to pull the tooth but falls backwards losing his wand and crown)
Wanda: (catches the crown and wand) Let me hold that for you and that. If you become whatever costume you're wearing, (changes back into a fairy) Yes! Make a wish! Make any wish!
Timmy: I don't want everything real and scary! I want Halloween the way it's supposed to be! Fake and safe! (Wanda grants the wish and everything restores to normal)
Cosmo: Yay! I'm a fairy again! Uh, 5 more minutes (snores)

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